Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks where everything just seems to go wrong? How about an entire month? Sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. No matter what you do, or how hard you try, you feel like you’re running through sand with your hands tied behind your back. That was me last October.

As a business owner I tend to have a lot on my plate. However, that can escalate quickly when I’m having to pull weight for others. No matter how many phone calls I made, emails I sent, and checked and doubled checked my to-do list, things just weren’t getting done. I had several people, vendors and companies tell me they were going to do this, that and the other thing, and not one came through. I spent the entire month on high alert babysitting things to ensure they were getting done, because if they didn’t I had a client to answer to – and those clients didn’t give two flips about the excuses I was being told. (Although my favorite excuse was that one company was just waiting to hear from me to ship an item……a company I had, in fact, called five times.)

I’m good at my job, as most of us are, and we work hard to make small wins every day to get the job done, and do it right. But often, we don’t realize the toll it takes on our better halves. And if you’re single? Well you’re ignoring the entire idea of love and romance because you’re too overwhelmed with the other external things.

During the entire month of October I was so stressed out from people who were not following through with what they said they would do, it made me impossible to live with. Despite all my efforts, phone calls, follow-ups, emails and the like. I spent weeks holed up in my office. I was short, irritable, and downright unreasonable. Luckily for me, David is a patient and understanding man and knew that this too, shall pass. But the residue lingers. And our actions effect the people in our lives and puts stress on our homes. So whether you do it for a short time or have something deeper to resolve, many times feng shui can help ease the blow and help move that energy in the right direction.

feng shui relationship rescue

Feng Shui Relationship Rescue – How Feng Shui Can Help Your Relationship, whether you’re single, or not

  1. Pay close attention to your relationship corner and wealth corner. Don’t know where those are? They are the back two corners of your home. (I also have a map in this post that shows you.) Is there a lot of clutter? What are the conditions like? Really analyze the space to reflect on how that is showing up in your life, and relationship. My back right corner is my garage. My back left corner is considered missing, so you can bet I have really beefed up these two areas. I have pink art hanging in my garage, along with serious organization so my relationship isn’t messy!
  2. Single? Pay attention to the right corner of your home and what you have there. I once had a client who had a beheaded sculpture in this area of her home that was made of cut up sewing patterns. She said to me, “I just can’t wrap my head around why I’m single.”  Hmmmmmm………Interesting choice of words.
  3. Activate and infuse positive energy into your home.  This is especially important after any life event, such as the one I described in October. Remove, clear, clean, light up, salt, add plants – change the settings to change and clear the energy. Here’s a quick guide on just taking 15 minutes to improve your feng shui in a snap.
  4. Keep objects in pairs. Pairs of lamps, for example in your bedroom is important according to feng shui principles for equality and respect.
  5. Place photos of happy memories around your home, the bedroom and in the relationship area. Even if your areas are in a garage or area you wouldn’t consider hanging art, print out a photo from your phone and place it in a box or other place. You know that joy is there, so every time you enter the space you sub consciously think about it.
  6. This is perhaps my favorite tip. Love notes, poems, love letters, cards, sentiments from your loved one, or items you love – place these throughout your home where you spend time. A beautiful love note that is framed and placed in the home has more meaning than any picture you could ever buy – and it has deep meaning of love, and joy behind it. Don’t have a specific love note from a lover? Find one that moves you and place it in your bedroom to attract ideal love. This book and this book are terrific places to start.
  7. Place a plant in the relationship area or your master bedroom (place the map over your room for placement). Plants represent growth, they clear the air and you must tend to them by giving them love and care – just as you would a relationship. Place a plant, keep it healthy and watch your love thrive. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?
  8. If you don’t have any love notes, poems or sentiments, find art that represents love to you and brings you joy. Many places carry beautiful art that represents love, just make sure you are absolutely moved by it and not buying it out of desperation – that is the wrong energy!

Just the shear act of deliberately seeking, and placing items around your home starts to shift the energy in your home. I tell clients all the time that action is only 20% of the game, but intention, well that’s where it all begins! So water your relationship, give it the tender care it deserves, and you’ll quickly begin to see a change!

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