Today I received a note from a lovely reader, Anna, who asked the question:

“How do I remove nervous or anxious energy from my home? I noticed a weird sensation about two weeks ago before I left on vacation. A feeling of anxiety and nervousness. Then I didn’t feel it while I was gone. But then as soon as I got home, I felt it even stronger. Like I could climb the walls, and crawl out of my skin and it was so hard to breathe! Then it dawned on me, it’s not anxiety at all, it’s coming from my house! Help, how do I fix it?”

Believe it or not, this is not an unusual occurrence. Many people will feel anxious, fearful and even worried, blaming stress from their every day life, however, our homes hold energy that can have a huge affect on our systems. I tell clients all the time that they need to cleanse their homes with sage, salt, and other home remedies on a regular basis. Doing with out is similar to skipping a shower for months or even years!

Once your home has been cleansed, use feng shui cures to keep your homes energy balanced and happy. A happy home equals a happy occupant!

How to remove negative energy from a home |

How To Remove Nervous Energy From A Home

1) Clean your home

Clutter is a sign of postponed energy and procrastination. This leads to stagnant energy, lack of motivation, and delayed responses. SO those dust bunnies in the corner of your dining room could be the reason you feel sluggish and keep getting passed over for that promotion at work. Care for your home, and she’ll care for you

2) Cleanse your home

Once your home has been cleaned, you must cleanse your home with ritual and ceremony. So what is the difference? Cleaning your home is a weekly practice of removing dirt, dust and clutter. Which lifts the energy, and stirs the Chi (good energy). Cleansing a home is the act of performing a ceremony within your clean home to invite in positive vibes, new opportunities, abundance, peace and more.

3) Add crystals

Crystals boost our energy systems and accelerate our intentions. Stones such as tourmaline, which repels negativity, or aquamarine, which invites peace, help you to elevate your home and ultimately yourself to a place of deep calm and serenity. And if you are new to stones, start out with Clear Quartz. It is considered the master healer of all stones and cures many ailments. In addition, stones like amethyst are excellent at absorbing and transmuting negative energy.

After a deep clean, and a thorough saging, Anna immediately noticed a difference:

” I had no idea this even existed! I’ve read your blog for many months now, mainly out of curiosity and can’t say I gave it credence. But after doing your tips, even with trepidation, I immediately felt better! I can’t believe how calm I feel, and my home feels yummy! Thank you!”

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