Remove Negative Energy

Space and Personal Energy Clearing:
Consultation done remotely. If you are experiencing illness that doctors cannot explain, you feel anger, rage, fatigued or “not yourself” you’ve likely picked up negative energy from your environment, an attachment or both. If your child is afraid to go into their room, experiencing nightmares or perhaps an animal is acting strangely, this too can be a sign of negative entities and energy. All consultations include my advanced expertise in Feng Shui clearing of energy, and my extensive work with shamans and energy healers to better understand how Chi (energy) flows or not flows within and around you and your space. I’ve also trained under Quantum energy experts Eric Dowsett, Jean Haner, Eric Hunter, and Amy Stark to name a few. In addition, I’ve been trained to clear and remove negative entities and dense negative energies from the body, energy fields and in environments.

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