Many people look to external things to help get their life right. They may read a bunch of self-help books, eat better, get fit, learn new skills, take a workshop, and frenetically add more hoping the next thing, or the next thing fills the void. But what if I told you the solution starts at home? Because it does! There are many toxic energy kinks lingering in your home preventing you from having the life you’ve always dreamed of. A floor plan reading teaches you the what, why and how to fix it.

Amanda Gates

Are you experiencing:
  • Health issues?
  • Relationships problems?
  • Difficulty in your finances?
  • Career concerns?
  • Strained family dynamic?
  • Inability to sell your home?

Many people look to external things to fix their problems but no one ever sees their home as a possible solution.

Bottom line, your home and it’s energy is making you sick. 

How do I know? Because it’s all in your floor plan. Your floor plan tells me everything I need to know about what’s showing up in your life and the good news is, I know how to fix it!

I’ve always been sensitive to my environment, and I have the intuitive ability to identify and understand the energies of any space. Many plans have toxic energetic details lurking within them causing health issues, strained family dynamics, financial problems and more. Fast Shui is a program designed to allow you to experience improvement in your relationships, finances, health, career and more, quickly! You will work with me, an advanced Feng Shui Practitioner and Home Energy Reader, to get an understanding of what’s causing issues in your energy flow and how to fix it immediately.  

For years, Feng Shui has been one of the most impactful ways people have been creating the life they desire and getting the results they want. It’s powerful and it works! So if you’re experiencing problems in your life, the details are in your floor plan, I guarantee it. Sign up for Fast Feng Shui today to get that energy unstuck and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

What’s included:

  • 60 min video call with Amanda
  • 30 day unlimited email access for questions
  • Elemental test to determine your personal Chi make-up
  • 1 instructional day of Feng Shui eBook

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*Payment Plan Click Here (when payment is received in full we will reach out with appointment times and instructions)

  • For homes over 3000 square feet please inquire about pricing
  • For payment plans – Once payment has been received in full a Gates team member will reach out with available dates and time. Please note that appointments can be 3-6 weeks out and change rapidly. Appointments book quickly so respond promptly, and we look forward to helping you on your Feng Shui journey!
Wow, what a week it’s been! I feel great about my session with
Amanda.  After the session I took a few days to just let all that
information sink in and process it. It is so amazing to me that it
feels like I haven’t really “done anything” other than some
journaling, setting intentions, and some shopping and I am already
noticing a subtle shift in the energy of our home (and my work too).
Thank you again so much for all your help,
Jessica R

Fast Shui Client

WHOA!!! 🙂 Thanks for the floor plan reading!
The first four points sound very logical to me.
The second four points really resonate but I wonder how a floor plan can give you that much information?
Incredible and life changing. Thanks!
Ben S

Fast Shui Client

Honestly I thought this was a bunch of malarky, but my friend Jani swore by it so I was game to try it. How on earth can a floor plan reveal so much about me? How did you know those things? Everything you brought up was my life experience. My mind is blown and my life is finally getting better. Thank you for changing my life,

your biggest fan!



Fast Shui Client