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What the heck is a Floor Plan Reading?

In my opinion, everyone needs a floor plan reading. You can spend thousands of dollars decorating your home, but if the energy is off in your plan none of that ‘pretty stuff’ matters. Your floor plan layout has an energy all its own. It can spur anger, negativity, confusion, anxiety, health problems, money problems, relationship issues and the list goes on.

Those details lurking in your home matter. Too many people seek external things to fix their lives and never consider their home as a possible solution. I recently had a woman contact me who struggled with love for thirteen years. Twice she met “the one” only to find a few months later they would leave her. Broken hearted and frustrated she went off on a journey to fix herself. Thousands of dollars later in therapy, drugs, decorating, nutrition, fitness and more she was about to give up when she discovered me.

Loss of love was written ALL OVER her floor plan. Without even meeting this woman I emailed her a few things I saw in her plan. Loss of love, lack of support, dead-end career and no forward movement. She couldn’t believe that I could see EVERYTHING she had been experiencing simply in her plan.

I can see the problems showing up in your life simply from reading your floor plan. Uncover how to get your floor plan in alignment so you too can have design that’s energy aligned to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

In-Person Energy Reading Consultation

Consultation includes a phone call, and a few emails prior to our meeting to discuss overall alignment goals,and main desires.Once I have a plan we will set up an appointment at your home.

We will focus specifically on your goals, and current obstacles to set up your home to support your dreams and intentions.

  • Attract More Prosperity Beyond Your Necessities
  • Attract Passionate Love That You’ve Always Dreamed Of
  • Overcome Challenging Obstacles And Fears That Are Blocking You From Living Your Best Life
  • Jump-Start Your Career
  • Reconnect With Your Authentic Self To Gain Greater Peace & Harmony
  • Cleanse & Remove Stagnant Energy From The Past To Enhance Your Future
  • Repair/Boost Relationships

You will receive a full report after the consultation with action items and recommendations to kick start your space, along with follow up emails to ensure everything is flowing as you wish. Includes recommendations like adjustments necessary to help your home heal, incense ceremonies, essential oils, sprays, chimes, stones, meditations, etc. to help enhance your space.


Online Energy Alignment Consultation via Zoom or Phone ( Our #1, most popular service!)

Consultation includes a phone call, and a few emails prior to our Zoom call to discuss your alignment goals, and main desires.

  • I evaluate your floor plan and prepare a game plan based on your goals.
  • A *zoom call is scheduled to discuss your space, and my overall assessment.
  • We’ll discuss your space in detail and come up with a plan with action items.
  • After our zoom call you will receive follow up emails to ensure everything is on track, along with a recording of your call.

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