Gates Interior Design Services

Gates Interior Design offers a full range of design and intentional decorating services. More importantly, my team and I can help you achieve the harmonious design you have always hoped for, while bringing balance into your home.  We focus on a holistic approach through feng shui principles, an ancient practice that utilizes practical advise on how to plan and arrange your home to help you achieve more balance and harmony in your environment. Click here if interested in full service interior design.


Love decorating but don’t know where to start? My packages show you how.

Color is not scary! Let us help you create a color scheme that uplifts your mood and creates flow in your home.

Have an immediate decorating question? Together we’ll develop a strategy and get you moving in the right direction.

Many of our services are available virtually, as noted above. Whether you need a design concept, color consultation, Evaluation of your house numbers, or monthly consulting, many of our clients are located outside of Nashville, TN. Contact us today to determine how we can work together!

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