Design A la Carte™ by Gates Interior Design


If you are a kick ass DIY’er who likes to pull up her sleeves and get busy, then my Design a la Carte™ is perfect for you! Simply pick and choose what you want: (Don’t have time to DIY? Click here)
  •  A personalized, unique-to-you design concept for your room
  •  Help with purchasing the perfect furniture, window coverings and accessories for your room
  •  Someone to manage and install everything for you (like, setting up furniture, installing window treatments, getting custom carpentry or electric taken care of, etc).

You can choose one or all three, it’s a menu designed entirely for you, and what works best for your project. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

But I’m like you, I love visuals – it’s probably why I love the Denny’s menu so much, don’t you? So rather then getting into the land of way too many words, and trying to explain it, download this design page: GREEN Bedroom PRESENTATION filled with ideas from one of our recent projects; and see how we made this homeowners dream bedroom come true! Hope this helps, can’t wait to work with you!


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