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Amanda Gates is an Energy Design Expert and Award-Winning Interior Designer, Media Personality, Best Selling Author, and Host of the Popular Podcast, Home Energy DesignLearn more about Amanda here.

I love beautiful spaces, but much more than pretty things, a beautiful space should make you feel good, too. Before decorating anything, unless the room’s energy is properly aligned, it will never feel right to you. You’ll try to change a sofa or get new drapes, but something will always feel off. What sets my team and me apart from other firms is that we create homes and spaces that feel as good as they look through a process I call Design that’s Energy Aligned™. It starts with a floor plan reading to better understand what needs to be done so that you can increase flow & abundance to help you attract the life you’ve always dreamed of. With over 20 years experience in Feng Shui/Energy Design, I’m invested in getting the energy aligned right, and that’s when the magic unfolds for you. When the energy is just perfect and gorgeous, that’s what takes your space to the highest level of satisfaction.

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I love to decorate and think I’m pretty good at it so it never occurred to me to hire a professional designer. I must admit I have really missed out. The interesting combinations of fabrics, colors, and furnishings are things that I never would have come up with on my own. Especially experiencing the benefits of feng shui. Everything looks and feels amazing. Thank you Amanda.

Gwen Koch

The energy and its meaning attached to the spaces in my home, OMG, everyone needs to know this! Without these tools
I ignored so many feelings that were screaming that my feng shui was off. Thank you, thank you Amanda for these tools! My home is not only beautiful but feels amazing!
Carla T

Having a relationship with my home matters! I had no idea how much my floor plan was impacting my life and relationships. No wonder I couldn’t find love! Thank you so much for this Amanda, it’s changed my life!
Stephanie H