Do you ever get that feeling of being completely overwhelmed? So stressed out you can’t even make a decision? Of course, we all do! What you may not realize is your home’s energy may be contributing to that stress. Our homes hang onto energy. Sounds weird if you’re new to the rodeo, but bad energy in particular has a tendency to linger and hang out like an unwanted house guest.

Many things in our homes have indicators to let us know they are there, even if they aren’t visible. For instance, have you ever thrown something in the trash only to find its’ smell lingering in the kitchen the next day? Or you go to jump on your computer and it won’t work because the wi-fi is out? These two examples are easy to troubleshoot because the indicators are fairly easy to recognize. But when it comes to energy, we often ignore the signs because they are a lot less visible.

So if it can’t be seen, how do you know when the energy is off? Just a few weeks ago I had a reader ask me how to remove negative energy from her home. After reading my blog she started to pay more attention to the subtle energies around her and she realized that when she wasn’t home, she felt better. That’s a great indicator that things aren’t right. The easiest way to know if the energy is off is to pay attention to how you feel. What emotions have you been feeling a lot of lately? An easy way to measure this is to write it down. A few months back I started to notice a trend in agitation – which is very unlike me. I realized that a meeting with a contractor had left me frustrated and feeling hopeless and every time I walked in that particular room those same emotions came up.

Allowing emotions, conversations, and people in and out of your home creates a lot of lingering, residual energy. This energy just hangs out and can have a profound affect on your mood. These emotions, and conversations are the equivalent of swimming in dirty bath water. Gross, right? But just like our tubs, our homes need to be physically and spiritually cleansed to promote healthy, vibrant energy to create balance and harmony.

9 feng shui secrets to de stress your home

Here are 9 Feng Shui Secrets To DeStress Your Home

1) Water features

Water features at the front of your home invite new opportunities. Their sound tunes out noise pollution and helps cleanse the air

2) Flowers and Plants

Add beautiful flower beds around your home to invite meandering energy and place fresh cut flowers in your home to boost and uplift your mood.

3) Rocks and Shells

Add rocks, crystals and shells through out your home. They add to the five element cure and depending on where you place them can ground the space, add the water element and heal the energy.

4) Animal elements

Placing leather, or wool in the home adds the fire element. Another addition to the five element cure, if placed in the back of your home can help you gain recognition in your community

5) Candles

Candles are a great way to cleanse a homes spirit and invite in soothing energy. If the energy feels really heavy, use a white candle with the intention of purifying the space to uplift your fire.

6) Window Coverings

Windows are seen as the eyes of the soul to a home, but to many windows can create overwhelm, an extreme workload and lack of support. And while that view may be amazing, the high stress to enjoy it isn’t. So add plenty of soft window coverings to ease your home and slow the energy down.

7) Wind chimes

Sound therapy is not only a great way to uplift a homes spirit, but adds vitality to it’s attitude. A home with sound instantly puts people at ease and comforts your home to health.

8) Landscaping

Depending on how your home is positioned on the street or it’s location, landscaping can invite or provoke energy to your home. If your home is on a busy street, this high river of energy can put an enormous amount of stress on your home. If there is no activity at all, it can slow things down to a halt. Use beautiful landscaping to your advantage to control how energy approaches your home to create an atmosphere of peace. Have a condo? Bring the plants inside and decorate that balcony!

9) Mirrors

Mirrors are feng shui master healers if used correctly. Place mirrors throughout your home to boost energy upwards and create a meandering climate of serenity.

Utilizing these 9 elements will help keep your home healthy everyday. I would also suggest a space clearing on a regular basis to remove any unwanted energy that may have entered your home. Our homes should be filled with passion and excitement. They should recharge and energize us like a delicious hug. If your home is feeling sluggish or anxious, create an atmosphere with these 9 secrets to get you back on the fast track to ease and grace.

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