Whether you like it or not you are surrounded by energy. Good, bad, or indifferent, the energy in your home needs to be cared for, or you will be affected. If you ignore it, the circumstances will change, but likely not for the better. The Chi, AKA, energy,  slooooooooows down and becomes stagnant. Money will become tight, insight turns to bad decisions, happiness turns to fear and your relationships are strained. Coincidence? Nope. But the good news is, like any good recipe, you can put together a few ingredients of lovely tools to stir up the energy in your home and get back on track. So inhale the good shit and exhale the bad shit – it’s as simple as that!

Over the years I have done many classes on Feng Shui and students often believe that it is quite complicated. However, Feng Shui is actually quite simple. The most important tip, get started. Here a few fast tips to get things stirred up, just in time for spring!

15 Minutes To Better Feng Shui

15 minutes to better feng shui | GatesInteriordesign.com

The biggest culprit of stagnant energy is clutter. Let’s put it in terms you may better understand, because there is nothing I love more than a big “A-ha!”

That pile of mail on your counter is a stack of procrastination. It reminds you subconsciously that you are putting things off. This in turn puts out into the universe, Let’s put things off! That promotion, or the landscaper that won’t call you back, are all signs of delayed energy. In your mind you may think you need the paper and you’ll get around to it, but you still haven’t taken the time to go through it, further delaying the energy…..slowing things down.

Now instead, let’s look at the possibility of what would happen if you removed that stack of mail. That space that once took up old, postponed energy has now been freed up for infinite possibilities. What once was as area of your home renting space for mail, can now be space for the universe to gift you with….XYZ of possibility. So you can have old junk mail or a new promotion? Seems like a simple decision.

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