In the traditional practice of feng shui, Creativity is located in the right middle of your home. See the diagram below for better clarity on what I am talking about. This is based from the tool better known as the Bagua Map. It is a tool that practitioners use to help you get clear on your intentions, so you achieve better results.

Creativity is also associated with children. This is mainly because children are innately creative and live out loud, without fear of judgement. Focusing on this area of your home can be important for a number of reasons. But if you want a quick overall, I-don’t-have-time-for-just-one-thing, here is a great article on 15 minutes to better feng shui, that’ll kick start you in the right direction.

Feng Shui Creativity |

When it comes to feng shui I find that many people want to focus on love and money. But creativity is associated with the good stuff in life. Qualities like pleasure, generosity, and encouragement. Think about it, when you encourage and help others to express themselves in an uplifting and positive way, you in turn have a positive outcome too. And we need this area to support us so we in turn receive encouragement and admiration so that our gifts can blossom.

Focus on this area if:

  • You want to find more creativity in your life
  • Explore fun and creative outlets in life
  • You feel creatively blocked
  • You want to get pregnant
  • You want to bring back that child-like wonder in your life
  • Or improve your relationship with the children in your life

creative feng shui |

To kickstart this area of your home, first get clear about what it is you really want, and be specific. For example, if you are working on a big project at work and feel creatively blocked, what is it you need to really make that project kick ass? Rather than saying, “I want to be more creative,” which is vague and boring and leads to a great many things, get specific and say, “I want to gain clarity on how to approach this ad campaign that reaches consumers in a positive and humorous way, but also tells a story on how the product will save them time and money”. Does that make sense? Think about when you’re buying a home or a new car, you never say I want to buy a house. Typically, you will say, “I want a 4,000 sq ft home, with three baths, double ovens and two linen closets.” Right? When it comes to what we know we want, we are usually pretty clear. So do the same when getting clear on your intent to be creative.

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Once you are clear on WHAT you want, how the hell do you GET it?

  1. Clear out ALL clutter in this area. If this is the spare room that’s become a dumping ground get rid of it or organize it. Remove all trash (equals cluttered thoughts).
  2. Remove anything that has a triangle shape or is in the color red. Red represents the element of fire, so if you have red in this area, you are burning through your thoughts.
  3. Add whites and soft colors. This area is represented by the metal element, so grey, soft whites and soft yellows are ideal in this area of your home.
  4. Add items that promote creativity. Puzzles, music, hobbies, or make this your craft room.
  5. Anything that is handmade. Artisans are becoming a lost art, but if you have something that you have made, like art, a quilt, sculpture or been given a gift that was made, place that item here.

In addition to having the above items it is also important to add askfirmations. I talk more about that here. Choose askfirmations that personally suit you based on your intention and desired clarity. For instance, if we used the example above for getting clear on the ad campaign we could say, ” Why is it so easy to gain creative insight and joyfully express who I am as an advertiser?”

So easy right? If you have questions or find the information confusing, email me! Id love to hear from you!