Did you know that the floor plan of your home shapes your experiences in life and can have dire repercussions if not fixed? I’ve been studying feng shui for over 16 years and still everyday I learn something new. Today a client came to me in need of help. A newlywed with a new baby,  she was drowning in her new life. A once vibrant activist and overachiever no longer held the world as her oyster but felt defeated and overwhelmed. In fact, she could barely handle the demands of everyday life with long hours as a nurse, a new baby and a husband who turned out to be a hoarder.

How to rescue your relationship with feng shui

As I walked her home I saw with my feng shui eyes many things that could lead to her feeling like she was drowning. Not to mention two detrimental situations that if not fixed, would lead to divorce. Does this sound dramatic and even drastic? Yes, because it is. Feng shui is not only an art, but a true science. How you ask? Well feng shui is based on thousands and thousands of years of observation, exploration and experimentation to remedy outcomes based on things seen many times before. And this was a text book case of issues seen before with dire results if not fixed.

Feng shui

Your home is your third skin, and even though this plan seems small (because it is) it harbors a lot of issues:

  • Family issues, extended and with each other
  • Lack of support from others
  • No place of true rest, too many voices
  • Constant arguing
  • Illness throughout the entire body
  • Heart trouble
  • Possible illness along the midline
  • And much much more.

Can you see it? Do you see what I see? As with many of my clients, most don’t see what I see. In addition to what I saw as I discussed this with my Mentor and Teacher Katherine, I learned even more, this is considered to be a Chinese Locke House. This was something I did not know. As a locke House the Mother of the home is locked out or shut out, her voice is silenced. Exactly what was happening to her as she struggled to stay above water. She did not have the energy to fight, which lead to what we call, choked chi.

So if you are struggling what are some things you can do yourself:

How to rescue your relationship with feng shui

  1. Crystals can certainly help to absorb the ick, especially after some ceremonies are done
  2. Start with your bedroom, to get well you need rest! Here are some bedroom basics.
  3. Once ceremonies and adjustments have been placed, shift the energy for love and respect
  4. Small adjustments can be done to make improvements, but if the issues linger, consult with a feng shui practitioner. They will be able to identify difficult design details that are contributing to the issues that you likely don’t see, and they can shift the energy faster for lasting change. If you don’t have one in your area, click the link below, I offer help all over the US


I’m excited to say that we are working to move through these issues with many transcendental feng shui adjustments – but this will not be the silver bullet. As I have said many times before on this blog, feng shui is only one part of the equation. It gets things flowing in the right direction, but just like the fitness trainer who gives you the tools to get fit, it’s now her turn to put them to use and stop eating donuts if she wants results.

I visited the home yesterday to start placing some adjustments and performing deep ceremonies to shift the energy. Be sure to follow along via Facebook and snapchat video to see more feng shui tips and remedies to difficult floor plan situations like this.

*UPDATE, one week later*

  •  I visited the home last week to perform some deep ceremonies on this home. To my surprise great change has already occurred. The father has admitted to being a poor companion, father and spouse. He’s admitted to anger issues and a conversation has finally opened up between the two about how to move forward in a positive way in their marriage.
  • A conversation has started with family members regarding health issues and positive change is occurring as the father steps up to being a better parent and spouse.
  • And the wife who struggled with choked chi is finding her voice and being heard for the first time.

What’s more interesting is the fact that both the occupants are unaware of many of the ceremonies I did on the home and their true purpose. Both considered it a house cleanse and a blessing, and while it is a cleanse to get things moving forward, the work of feng shui and its profound effects never cease to amaze me.


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