When it comes to Feng Shui a lot of people make interpretations on what they think it is. Most will agree that Feng Shui is a way to work with energy to create a certain type of harmonious living space. One of peace and tranquility. And while on one hand it’s very simple, it can also be quite mysterious and complex. Floor plans alone can tell a story all their own. Lurking deep within your walls a story can unfold, and it truly becomes a mirror to your subconscious, that some may deem unbelievable.

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In the easiest of terms, Feng Shui is a simple tool for living in a harmonious environment. Stopping long enough to really pay attention to what is around you and how it effects your mood. Feng Shui is a science based on thousands of years of observation and application. Plainly put, by paying attention to how we feel we can alter our surroundings to make it more beneficial to our health. So incredibly easy, right? Not exactly. You see, most humans ignore anything that doesn’t seem black and white. For example, your conscious mind (the rational mind) will step in and tell you stories, little explanations that are white lies in the form of an excuse. Oh you don’t feel well because of…., you’re tired because of this…., you’re not getting pregnant because you didn’t do this. But the subconscious mind (the emotional mind) picks up on everything in your environment. It’s goal is to get out of danger, to get out of the “line of fire”, and even though you probably sense that something is wrong, your conscious mind willingly steps in to bring you those lovely black and white explanations, or white lies.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, our ancestors were rooted deeply into the breath of nature. Closely connected our spirits were one. Only in the last 100 years, the industrial revolution years, have we become cynics and lost that divine connection to nature that spelled it out to us. Today our connection is rooted in success, fame and money. And many have lost the chapters to their story of how to live in harmony with their homes.

Today’s guest, Laura Carrillo, Feng Shui expert of Narrative Space, helps define what feng shui is, tools that it provides to help change your life, and how to work with your space your story, to reap the rewards. To her, Feng Shui is it’s own language and with her help she brings a narrative to your space to help you unfold the novel within.

Today we discuss:

  • What feng shui is
  • The bagua map and how to use it with your home
  • How the bagua map can help with your personal life goals
  • Numerology and what your house numbers say about you
  • How to change the impression of a number to attract different life goals
  • The importance of having a conversation with your homes environment for better well-being.

Show Notes

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