It has become an epidemic. Every one is worn out, and stressed as they try to juggle everyday life. Kids, family, career you name it, it’s riding on your to-do list. Combine that with the uncertainty of the economy and the high demands of your job, in an effort to keep it, it’s no wonder so many Americans are flat tired.

No matter the issue, or top concern of a client, I always start with the bedroom. Especially when it comes to fatigue. After all isn’t it where you’re suppose to recharge? Unfortunately, too many clients I see treat their bedrooms as an extended office. Books, paper, iPads, laptops, cell phones, buzzing T.V, it’s no wonder we can’t sleep. My top article featured here, Feng Shui Bedroom Basics has been repined over 20,000 times and I’ve received hundreds of emails from folks just like you craving for rest.

feng shui to prevent fatigue

Well I’m here to tell you that there’s an all-natural way to help it. According to feng shui principles, what’s going on in your home  environment is going on in your life. Take stock of what’s going on in your home. Try to see it with a fresh pair of eyes and you’ll often be shocked at what it tells you!

No matter what’s making you tired here are 5 easy changes you can make to your environment – home, or office – that will increase your energy.

Feng shui house basics to prevent fatigue, 5 tips to boost productivity and kick exhaustion to the curb


  • Small, cramped hallways – In order to have good flowing Chi (energy) it needs to breathe, it needs to meander. If your home has dark, cramped hallways you’re literally being squeezed to the bone. Energy is being squeezed out of you. Hang some mirrors, paint the hall white, add pictures of nature, and install better lighting to boost you up.
  • Postponed energy – anything that’s laying around your home that is broken, in need of repair, or damaged is a message to your sub conscious mind that you’re surrounded by unfinished tasks. This drains you. And it reminds you of things that need to be done but haven’t been completed. If I have a client who complains of a “nagging issue” I know without a doubt that I need to look for a broken, damaged or ill repaired item and get it fixed immediately.
  • Dead or dying plants – If your lawn is dead, if you’re surrounded by pots with plant skeletons, dead trees – anything dead that was once alive is terrible Chi. This indicates negative chi, which saps your energy. So if a client tells me they feel “lifeless, sapped, droopy or drained” I look for dead foliage as an indicator. Surround yourself with beautiful thriving plants, and flowers for an instant boost in vitality.
  • Good lighting – Good Chi through a home is inspiring and uplifting. Nothing about a dark corner or room is inspiring. In fact it’s stagnant and lifeless. When I hear a client tell me “things just aren’t moving in my life”, or “everything seems so stagnant” I immediately look for bulbs that are out, dark corners, and unused rooms. Light it up, and stir up that Chi to get it moving!
  • Leaking anything – this saps your resources, whether money, energy or even joy! So fix those faucets, broken toilets, or anything else leaking – like your cars oil!
  • Clutter – This is death to any home and its occupants. In fact, I just returned from California for a two day feng shui retreat and one of the homes was so cluttered no one could think straight. All of us left feeling drained, confused and overwhelmed and we were only there for two hours. Imagine the homeowner who lives there! She couldn’t even tell us what her issues were – lack of clarity. A classic example of what clutter does to our minds and psyche. Get rid of the clutter and create an organized, simple environment that supports your energy. Spending 20 minutes looking for your glasses is no way conserving your energy, so get rid of the clutter.

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