Top 10 Home Decor Predictions For 2017 and 2018

Curious to know what will be popping up in home decor in the next year? Look no further than the fashion industry. As styles and trends hit the runway it’s only a matter of time before they translate into home decor. Pillows, accessories, fabrics – it all shows up. It used to take a couple of years for fashion to trickle down to home decor, but not anymore. Vendors have their hands on the pulse of fashion to quickly get it into the home. These days a trend can show up in as little as 3-6 months.

More than ever before people want personalization. Interchangeable pom poms, guitar straps and flowers were seen all over the runway. One of my favorite trends? Kitsch pins and iron on patches. Probably because it takes me back to the fourth grade. But don’t be surprised if these decorative embellishments start showing up in new ways for home decor. I can already see this for pillows, drapes and linens.

Another big trend are flowers. The Hibiscus was everywhere in big ways. In some countries the hibiscus is actually considered bad luck, but for the rest of us, it can be enjoyed in large florals throughout the home. There is nothing I love more than a big ass floral used for custom drapes or bedding – let me tell you, it’s gorgeous. And can we get away from the boring spa look with linens? I’m over it.

A few other things we will see popping up is eyelet,  and mismatched accessories. All terrific items that will carry over seamlessly to the home

Bohemian lace is out. So a more tailored eyelet that is soft makes sense for a more feminine feel. Guitar straps were all over the runway and already popping up in big retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks. The hottest trend right now is DIY personalization. Interchangeable guitar straps with a gypsy vibe, and removable pom poms are the perfect way to do it. Something else I find exciting is the mismatched trend. Models all over the runway wearing mismatched earrings. This eclectic look will convert well into home decor; and help us get away from the matchy-matchy stuff.

And finally, a trend very close to my heart, bees. Honey bees are in serious danger. 1 in 3 colonies are dyeing and this poses a huge threat to our food supply. Many fashion retailers like J. Crew are stepping up to bring awareness. If there was ever a perfect accessory for the home, well, it would be the honey bee. Buzz buzz.

Top 10 Home Decor Predictions For 2017 and 2018

Top 10 Home Decor Predictions For 2017 and 2018

  1. Eyelet – This pretty little classic will blend gracefully into linens and drapes.
  2. Emojis – This is fast becoming a hot trend in the DIY fashion accessory. Don’t be surprised to see this popping up in decals, wall paper and pillows.
  3. Mismatched decor – This will carry over beautifully into home decor. Matchy- matchy decor is out. Mix it up for an eclectic feel.
  4. Patches – Yet another big trend in DIY fashion, I can see this showing up in towels, linens, blankets and custom upholstery.
  5. Pom Pom’s – I will single handedly make sure this shows up in all things home decor. Pillows, blankets, pillow cases – the ideas are endless!
  6. Stars – Perhaps it’s the election but stars were a big trend this season, and with Americana blending nicely into all styles of decor, this could add some fun.
  7. Tassels – This is nothing new for home decor. Tassels have long been a staple, but larger, more unique styles are sure to pop up.
  8. Florals – Not just any florals, big florals. Flowers are back in a big way and this motif works beautifully in the home to bring the outdoors in.
  9. Guitar straps – The top DIY fashion trend this season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this quickly move into tie backs, pillow straps, trim and more.
  10. Bees – This is hands down one of the most popular home decor embellishments. Out for a few years I think now more than ever, this is a good reminder to save our bees.

No matter your style, all of these trends can easily be added. Like what you see above? Shop the look below.

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