Top 5 Home Decorating Predictions

Today I head off to Highpoint, North Carolina. Or as we in the industry say, Highpoint. This is one of the biggest, most coveted Design Markets for the interior design trade. Why you ask? It’s steeped in deep  tradition, American craftsmanship, and pride. Growing from small roots to an industry leading culture, Highpoint is Interior Design Mecca. This is where trends and forecasts start and also come to die. Highpoint furniture market is held twice a year, once in April and once in October for one full week. It’s a heritage that has occurred for over 100 years, first starting in 1909, where a small town in North Carolina is transformed to host the methodology of contemporary design with attitude.

Here I get to meet with thought provoking CEO’s, innovative executives and risk-taking pioneers. Front and center, I come face-to-face with vendors you encounter everyday in your online and in-store purchasing. Here I get to touch and feel all things new and exciting – and put those leaders in the hot seat: Why has production moved to China? What types of actions are you making to become more Green? How is your product safer for families and how are you preventing off gasing in the home? Here I become your advocate for a better and safer furniture buying experience.
But what about the good stuff? What can we expect? Well, I’m already seeing a strong trend in the resurgence of teal! Remember the nineties? Well guess what folks, they’re back! Navy, teal, yellow, orange and my personal favorite, pink are all on the hot list. In addition to the top colors, I predict that these items will continue to be on top, but only Highpoint will tell:
1) Natural stones as top decor picks
2) Colorful, custom lamps, with cool shapes
3) Linens moving away from the boring spa look
4) Personal art – gone are the days of ready-made Z Gallerie art – today’s homeowner wants the good stuff
5) Bohemian lifestyle – let’s move away from the matchy-matchy “decorated look,” todays homeowner wants a collected look
Highpoint never disappoints, but often surprises us all. But who can blame us? With so many “creatives” in one area, Highpoint always pulls out all the stops to keep us interested and excited about what’s around the corner in all things design. Most of us return home delighted and rejuvenated to kick butt and share with all our clients the innovations that will change the way they live.
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If you want to follow along in real-time, I’ve been chosen to cover Market along with ten of my fellow colleagues. You can find out more here:
But until next time, if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Shoot us your most burning questions, and we’ll include them here on the blog!
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