It was 2006 and Bob Proctor and John Assa, law of attraction experts, were guests that day on Ellen Degeneres. They were there to discuss the “it” book of the year, called The Secret. In truth it really wasn’t any secret. Why? We’ve all experienced it. Desire, emotion, intention, action, and achievement. AKA: The law of attraction. Seems simple right? Well for a lot of people many of those steps get skipped or missed and the results get muddled, so the experience is lackluster. As a result, you hear a lot of, “this stuff is nonsense and doesn’t work!” But it does work and I’m going to show you the power of feng shui and how to do it better!

Have you ever wanted something so much that you could feel the excitement down to your toes? That’s desire. The longing deep inside telling you that “this is it!” That’s the emotion. Determined, you go after it, that’s intention and action. And the big payoff? Achievement!

In 2005 I experienced this very thing. I had just moved to Tennessee and being a home owner seemed like a distant pipe dream. We’ve all been there. Yearning for something and thinking there’s just no way it will come into focus for me. Until it did. One day in September I walked into a model home and desire, emotion, and intention swept over me. As soon as I walked into the entryway I knew what I wanted. Without even realizing it my actions solidified my intentions. I took photos of every inch of that house and showed everyone “my new house.” I even claimed the boulders in the back yard as my new hangout rocks. The excitement was insurmountable.

Despite my excitement everyone turned me down for a loan. The “it will never come into focus for me” flashed through my mind. This is where a lot of people give up. Their intentions collapse, making those dreams fall apart, resulting in a lackluster outcome. But I REALLY wanted it. Within three weeks I closed on that very house. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the power of the law of attraction.

After watching Bob and John on Ellen, I came to the realization that if I could attract a house, I could attract anything if I put my desire, emotion, intention, and action into it. It would really be THAT SIMPLE.

“It’s as easy to attract a castle as it is a button. Ester Hicks”

Unfortunately is was harder than I thought. Like many others, I was getting lackluster results, or no results at all as I tried to attract clients, a car, and even a spot in a prestigious school and it wasn’t working. It took a lot of soul searching, a divorce and a new attitude to finally realize that what I was missing in the equation was feng shui!

How to feng shui your dreams

How to feng shui your dreams


1) Get clear on what you want

As I mentioned above, seems simple, but many of us focus on what we don’t want, rather than what we do want. So you may want a new car, but if your thoughts for the entire day are, “I can’t afford a car….” well, guess what you’re going to get? I kept having the thought, “Man it’s really hard to attract a car!” And guess what I got?

Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself, “if I could have anything without limitations, what would that be?” Write these goals down on small pieces of paper and set them aside.

2) Affirmations vs Askfirmations

Put together some askfirmations that strongly profess to the universe that you mean business. Askfirmations are different than affirmations. Many people make the mistake of putting a list of affirmations together in hopes that it will lead to positive thinking. Now don’t get me wrong, they will help, but why not take it to the next level?

Askfirmations turn inactive statements into active questions that the universe, by law, must reply to. For example, “The universe is conspiring for me in all things,”  versus, “Isn’t it so wonderful that the universe conspires for me everyday in every way to help me reach my goals?” To learn more about this philosophy, read Chris Alexandria’s book, Askfirmations. Write down your top askfirmations and set them aside.

3) Visuals

Look through magazines, hop on the internet, or make your own drawings of things you desire. Remember number 1? This is where the desire gets crystal clear. And if it doesn’t exist, draw it up. The universe isn’t picky and will know what you mean.

4) The board

Many people will use foam core boards. Use whatever you have. Cardboard, cork board, foam core – doesn’t matter.

5) The map

This is where the rubber meets the road. Remember when I said above that feng shui helps boost your dreams? In order to do that we are going to use what’s called a bagua map. What is that you ask? In the study of feng shui there are 9 guas or major life areas that coincide with our desires. By using this map you keep your goals clear and organized. As an added bonus, place similar elements in your home, using the bagua map to boost your intentions for a one-two punch!


bagua vision board


Using the bagua map, place your goals and dreams on your board according to intention or gua. For example, if it’s solid health that you want, place photos and askfirmations in the center of the board. Looking for a mentor? Place related items in the bottom right corner. Yearning for love? Place items that represent a loving relationship in the back right corner.

Utilizing this map keeps goals organized and subconsciously boosts them further. Why? Well for several reasons. Many people plop 25 different things on their vision board without much thought. The feng shui design is intentional, making: Desire, emotion, intention, action, and achievement, more concrete. It also helps eliminate what really isn’t a priority. Furthermore, you can take this very map and apply it to your home, creating a 3d vision board. So, if you are looking for love, the back right corner of your home is now intentionally boosted when you put related items there, with the intent that love is on it’s way. Boom! And just like that, dreams do come true! Have you accomplished goals with your vision board? Tell us about it in the comments!

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