It’s funny, a lot of people don’t necessarily get feng shui or why it works, but desperate times equal desperate measures. And when someone is desperate, they are willing to try just about about anything. About a week ago I received a call from a gal who took one of my feng shui courses last year and she was in a bit of a financial mess. Money was going out faster than it was coming in, and on top of feeling scattered, it was making her feel pretty beat-up trying to chase all this money down. I get it, I’ve been there, so I knew just what to do.How to feng shui your wallet |

It’s no accident that when I meet clients for the first time, whether they are calling about finances or not, that I ask them about their finances. Even though money is just energy, many of us struggle to align with it, so we default to struggle and lack – which really screws up our chi energy. If you subconsciously are worried about money, and feel like you don’t have enough, you will perpetually be in a cycle of not enough. One of the first, and fastest ways you can start shifting the energy around your finances, is to start with your wallet, and purse.

Here are 11 stupidly easy ways to feng shui your wallet and attract more money

1) Upgrade

I’m a huge advocate for reusing, recycling and repurposing to lessen our carbon footprint. But when it comes to your purse and wallet, it needs to kick-ass. Like Billy Idol’s dancing with myself, I wanna get up and dance kinda wallet. It needs to make you feel amazing – because the experience you have, is exactly what you will attract.

2) Cared for counts

If you treat your wallet and purse like crap, and have little respect for it, you are essentially saying you have no respect for your money. Don’t ever use a wallet or purse that is tattered, torn or falling apart – because you will never get ahead, and you’ll always feel like you’re chasing old money.

3) Receipts

Yes we need to keep receipts for any necessary returns, but do you need that receipt for the chapstick you bought three months ago? Or how about the diet coke you already drank two weeks ago? Get rid of trash and receipts that no longer serve you. They are energy of “money already spent” so leaving them in there equals debt.

4) Family photos

Most of my clients keep photos on their phone, which is really where they belong. Your wallet is about financial health, and while you do what you do for them, keep your wallet about finances. Mixing the energies does not serve you because you have enough on your brain as it is. Focus on attracting wealth, and then pull out your phone and look and that kick-ass family of yours. They are the reason you hustle for that flow!

5) Clutter

This goes hand in hand with number 3. Get rid of old business cards, the chewing gum you spit out at church, and the kids toy from Mcdonalds. A chaotic wallet and purse equals chaotic money. It’s about creating a calm environment that is organized and easy for money to flow in.

6) Credit Cards

I only have one credit card, so client’s that have 15 of them baffle me. Credit cards, like receipts, equal debt. It is borrowed money that is not exactly yours. And if you have 12 of them in your wallet, you’re in a constant state of money going out faster than it comes in, because you are behind. Not to mention when the bills come in you can’t believe you spent that much! Narrow it down to three, and three only!

7) Special Credit cards

Just like number one, having something that feels really good, or makes you proud that you accomplished it, is worth carrying. If you have really great credit and earned a black American Express card for example, carry it in your wallet. But only if you really like it. If it scares the daylights out of you, leave it at home.

8) Gratitude

Hold a heart of gratitude for all that you have and respect your belongings. Like number 2, if you do not respect your things, you cannot expect anything in return. As mentioned above, the client who called me about “chasing” her money,  lost her wallet 2 to 3 times a week. So it’s no accident that she was constantly in a state of “chasing” energy. That is not respecting your money. So remember, what you put out, returns. If you care for your items with respect, and love on them, they will love you back tenfold.

9) Crystals

Carry money crystals. Aventurine, Calcite, Emerald, Jade, Peridot, Staurolite, Malachite, and Green Tourmaline are all said to help attract abundance. Charge them in the sun with intentions of attracting what you need and then carry them with you.

10) Color

Choose a color that speaks to you, but red, purple and green are highly auspicious colors associated with wealth. Colors all have an energetic vibe so if you are struggling with money, use a color that will charge your financial health.

11) Askfirmations

Many people have heard of affirmations. My friend, Chris Alexandria has taken it one step further to askfirmations. By changing the language of your affirmation into a question the universe can’t help but answer it. Place an askfirmation in your purse or wallet to charge the universe for an answer. “Why am I so abundant?” “How can it be this easy to attract financial health?”

Also, be sure to check out this video on How to Feng Shui your wallet with additional tips!

Now how easy was that? I bought David a new wallet for our anniversary a year ago. His old one was cheap and tattered. The new one was not only a really good quality wallet, but held special value to him because it came from me. Within a month he started receiving unexpected royalty checks in the mail, from a show he did ten years ago – those checks helped fund our trip to Hershey Pennsylvania this year and got my ass in the chocolate spa. Boom!

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