One of the strongest tools used in Feng Shui is the Bagua Map. Literally meaning 8 trigrams, the Bagua map houses building blocks that correlate to blessings like creativity, wealth and helpful people. More than anything the idea behind the bagua is to teach you to be more mindful of your home, that all areas of your home deserve attention and to to be maintained in such a way that your home flows with ease, beauty and grace.

Bagua map

Ultimately, if you embrace the concept fully you’ll find that not only do you improve your home life, you’ll see transformational changes in your personal life too. You’ll feel more at ease, find peace in the simpler things and feel less frustrated at things that really don’t matter. Doesn’t that sound like a better way to live? Feng Shui creates vital energy not only in your home but in yourself. I call this decorating with intention. This produces the most satisfying and lasting results that attract more blessings and peace into your life. Like an infinite gratitude circle the blessings flow into your life, your spirit becomes more joyous, peace flows into your life and makes you more grateful. What an awesome way to exist.

Home and Life are equal importance

For years I have quietly practiced feng shui. It was a constant experiment in my California home that seemed to solve many problems. Including the decision to go into Interior Design. When I lived in LasVegas my husband at the time had been waiting months for a promotion in another location. When I focused my intentions on our helpful people and travel section of our home, he got an email the next day that we were moving to Nashville. No kidding! In December I wanted a new business coach for 2013 and couldn’t find the right fit. I focused my intentions on career and helpful people. Within two weeks I received an email newsletter from an interior design coach out of Denver. I’ve been working with her ever since.

Be mindful of what you put in your home. Pay attention to how you treat your home, and the language you use towards it. I recently met with a client that had a negative word towards every room in her house. That language reverberates and resonates to you and your homes core. How can your home take care of you, if you don’t take care of it? Love on your house, be proud of your home and only decorate with things that are associated with joy, love, appreciation, and harbor good memories. You cannot achieve flow in your home or good graces if you are starting out each day in a disaster zone. Make the necessary changes today and allow the blessings to flow into your life. What is one small step you can do today to make a big impact?

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