When it comes to our every day lives it’s easy to hop into auto pilot. Settling into routines that seem to make life easier but in reality we are just going through the motions and not really being present. Combine that with chaos, or a hectic schedule and it can be easy to fall behind – keeping you in the past. Does any of this sound familiar? Over the years I have found myself in this spot. Being overwhelmed and consumed with “have to’s,” never really feeling like you have a grasp on things, and just trying to breathe. Ugh.

What if you could make a few changes around your home to get you out of this chaos and into a generous flow of living with ease and grace? Stepping outside of autopilot and into artful living? Would you do it? It can be done, and the changes, even small ones, will make a huge impact on your day to day life.

How to Master The Art Of Living Through Feng Shui

Master the art of living through feng shui | Gatesinteriordesign.com

1) Avoid keeping things out of obligation or expectation

So many of us receive gifts or items that we don’t really care for and then keep them for all the wrong reasons; mainly guilt. Do you really want the thoughts in your head keeping rent on guilt? Nope, so get rid of them.

2) Get rid of the multiples

We live in an abundant society – one of the richest times in American history. But is it necessary to have three blenders? I once had a client who had 17 curling irons through out her home. Four of which were broken. Unless you’re a hair salon, you only need one. So stop hoarding multiples, it creates chaos and confusion.

3) Get rid of broken items

My mentor and feng shui instructor has a great story of a man she saw in San Francisco who had an entire box of 1980’s mice for PC’s that no one has. Even though the mice would never have use, and most were broken he kept onto them “just in case.” Surrounding yourself with broken things is symbolism for broken things in your life. Get rid of it.

4) Utilize space wisely

I see so many clients fill their spaces with stuff. Not important stuff, not meaningful stuff – just stuff for the sake of stuff. Whether it be a junk drawer or an entire spare junk bedroom get rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve you. That stuff represents your subconscious and is weighing your thoughts and progress down.

5) Remove the clutter

This ties into all of the numbers above. If you don’t fall head over heels with joy from your item, get rid of it, it’s not serving you in the best possible way. As my feng shui instructor always taught, you can have a stack of mail or you can remove it and have an opening for infinite possibilities – which would you rather have? Here’s what not to do when decluttering.

6) Remove the mirror from behind the bed

I see this decorating trend all the time. Mirrors above the bed hold you to the past. In other words you are always looking behind, rather than ahead. If you want to master the art of living, I’d suggest you look to the future where your greatest opportunity lies.

7) Remove toxic cleaners

Almost all cleaners sold on the market are highly toxic to our health. In fact, pine sol is rated the worst, having over 150 toxic chemicals in it. Is this what you want around your pets and family? Not only do the chemicals harm your physical health but they harm the environment. Most homes are sealed up and the windows are never opened. This causes a lot of unnecessary stress on you and your system. Women are especially sensitive as these chemicals mess with our hormones. Get rid of them and make your own.

8) Cleanse your home

Not only should you clean your home regularly but you should also create sacred space by clearing your home. Denise Linn, my mentor and teacher, is the master of space clearing, and she says you should clear your home often, especially after any major life event. In my opinion, not clearing your space is the equivalent of living in dirty bath water. Uplift your space with ceremony, prayer and ritual to lift any unnecessary energy that no longer serves you. If you are unsure of how to properly cleanse your home I wrote about it here, or you can hire me to help.

Living with feng shui principles help to create a space of harmony. It’s a way to live in the present and stop holding onto things that no longer serve you. Let it go and you’ll see magic ensue. That is the art to living.

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