When decorating your home always take into consideration where that space falls into the bagua map. For the next couple of weeks I am going to discuss each section in further detail to teach you easy ways to allow more blessings into your life. Who doesn’t want more blessings?

Bagua Map by Tisha Morris

One of my favorite baqua maps was designed by my friend, and feng shui expert, Tisha Morris. It is easy to follow, and correlates with the color that gives you the best Chi or energy flow. When assessing the baqua map for your home align the front door with the bottom of the infographic above. In other words, your front door falls into wisdom, career, or HP and travel.

Today we will focus on Wisdom and Knowledge. It goes without saying when looking at each room in your home as it correlates to this map it is imperative that you answer these questions regarding the items housed in those specific rooms:

1) What types of items are in this room?

2) Are they organized, easy to find and clean?

3) Do I love all the items in this room, or is it a mismatch of what I like to call life-cycles?

4) Are the items in this room a direct correlation to the bagua map and the current state of my life?

5) What do I want to improve?

6) If the area is missing what can I do to enhance it?

The knowledge and self cultivation area is in the front left of your home. The color associated with this area is blue, black or green. Make sure this area is free of all clutter, organize it and choose a few items to personally enhance this area to bring in more self cultivating activities and knowledge into your life. Objects like school materials, Pictures or quotes from Instructors that inspire you and any affirmations that inspire you like “I am a wise and knowledgeable person”

Just recently I helped a client set up this area of her home, which fell in the dining room. She felt stuck and every time she felt inspired to learn something new, she’d get overwhelmed with fear and stop before she could fail. ( her exact words) She was deeply inspired by Joel Osteen. We sat down and developed some really inspiring quotes that he had done during a sermon she loved and we placed his picture in her buffet. Last week she called me screeching into the phone. “A copy of Joels “Live Your Dream” just showed up on my door step!!”

All it took was clarity and focus…..and a few bags of trash to the dumpster. 🙂

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