Most homes are lacking in perfect design details. So today we’re going to talk about solutions to everyday decorating problems. Whether the doors are awkward, the fireplace shoved in the corner or lighting is non existent, we all have quirks in our homes. The good news is every room has a decorating solution to make it work. When designing a room there are four things to consider and implement to guarantee good design troubleshooting. It’s kinda like fairy dust, only better because you get a real solution!

4 solutions to everyday decorating problems

 4 solutions to everyday decorating problems

1) Center of interest

For those of you in the business world you are familiar with the term Center of Influence, or COI. In decorating it is very important to have a focal point, or Center of Interest. Create drama around one area of your room and arrange your furniture to draw attention to it. The Center of Interest can be a fireplace, a garden view, or a lovely picture arrangement (shown below). What ever it is, establish to your guests that it is important and this is where you need to look.

focal point

Rowe Furniture, example of a Center of Interest

2) Scale and harmony

Always plan for your furnishings to be in scale to one another and to the room. I have written about scale before and it is one of the most important tools when decorating. A home with perfect scale feels harmonious. Mix heavy items around the room and never plop them on one side of a space or it will feel off. Furnishings should be similar in size and shape and accessories should be big. Less is always more and as I always say: GO BIG OR GO HOME.


Live Love DIY

Live Love DIY example of poor scale

This photo above is from Virginia at Live Love DIY. And don’t get me wrong, she did a great job in making the room serene for her guests. However this is an example of terrible scale. The nightstands are way too small for this space and so are the lamps. They look puny next to the bed; like tiny little 3 year olds struggling to hold up lamps on their little legs. And the lamps are just too low. Design fail. Here’s a great list of some of my top online places to buy lighting.

Now let’s imagine a trained eye came in, what would I do? I would choose a larger nightstand, and a larger lamp to be in better scale of the room. See, doesn’t this just look and feel better? More boom for your room.

proper furniture scale

3) Traffic patterns

When creating your space always take into consideration the flow of traffic. There are always obvious ways that people will flow through a room so arrange furniture accordingly. It needs to be harmonious to conversation, and it shouldn’t interrupt the flow of traffic. When decorating a room with multiple entrances it is wise to create smaller groupings for more intimate and comfortable spaces. And never block an entrance with a piece of furniture unless there is no other choice, or their is an alternate route to and from that space. It’s also important to mention that you must choose furnishings that float easily, and are attractive all the way around.

traffic patterns with furniture

4) Multi task

I don’t recommend multi-tasking unless it is reference to your decorating. But when you are blessed with a large room make it earn its’ square footage. Arrange furniture so games, dining, writing, entertaining, TV viewing, or reading can all take place effortlessly. The room below is an example of multi-tasking. Dining with chairs that can easily be pulled into the living room and vice versus. And if you follow the three rules above, this will be the best room in the house!

ambella home


I think the one area I see the biggest mistakes are with scale. Most people get that wrong. So pay attention to how it feels and don’t buy something for the sake of having something. Or worse buy it because it’s cheap. Choose quality stuff. Do it right the first time and save up if you have to so it looks and feels great. Happy troubleshooting!

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