By default, family rooms are the most versatile rooms in our house. In many of today’s homes, the family room, dining room and kitchen are all one big room to hang out in. Whatever your lifestyle, most family rooms are used for watching TV, entertaining guests, doing homework, listening to music or reading a great book. With so many functions happening in one room, it’s important to be conscious of how you build your room. You want this room to not only function to your family’s individual needs but it’s important to pay attention to how it feels.

How to create Versatile family rooms |

Whether you are deciding to redecorate or start from scratch, it is important to first come up with a plan. No matter the size of your room, planning will infuse your room with the right energy, personality and give it the necessary function – without any surprises.

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How to create versatile family rooms

1) Style

It is important that your room breathe the way you and your family lives. Every home has a different energetic vibe to it, and that is essentially where your style starts. Design should always be tailored according to your plan, and function of the room. So if family game night is the keystone to Friday nights, a large, durable cocktail table is in order.

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2) Fabrics

Once you have determined HOW you use your room the most, it is very important to select fabrics that meet those functions. If young children are involved, your fabrics need to be very durable. Do you like color, or would you prefer a more muted palette? Fabric adds quick personality to a space and helps tell a story, your story.

3) Draperies

Always dress your windows with draperies. They play a major role in any room design, but add a lot of function to a family room. They can help express color, style and personality. They absorb sound, create softness and can also help insulate windows in the winter. And if movie night is common, draperies can help create a darker room.

4) Furniture

Tell a chapter of your story with the furniture. Don’t ever select an entire suite from the furniture store. Mix it up and create a more collected look. Choose pieces that speak to you and your family’s lifestyle. Stick to your over all plan.

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5) Flexibility equals versatility

Design with some flexibility in mind. With rooms larger than ever before, many of your room’s pieces need to blend together effortlessly. This makes for terrific seating options. Add stools with fun fabric that can easily blend between the dining room and family room areas. Put hostess chairs at the dining table that can easily be pulled to the family room, and add plenty of small martini tables around your space that can easily be picked up and moved around as needed.