how to shop for light fixtures

A lot of my clients have no problem finding big investment pieces like sofas, chairs and tables. It’s when they get to the accessories, or what we call in the industry the smalls, that every one panics. To me lighting fixtures are the jewelry to a black dress. They are the drool-worthy pieces that make a space shine – literally and figuratively!

Unfortunately this is also where I see a lot of clients miss the mark. The number one offense is fixtures that are way too small. The number two offense, not treating it like jewelry and playing it way too safe. So if you’re ready for the mile high club, or rather the tall lamp club, and ready to take some risks, where on earth do you start? Heres some of my top suggestions:

where to buy lamps


  • Circa Lighting – This is a place where you can find upscale fixtures with a well-edited selection from everything like Thomas O’brien, Alexis Hampton to Ralph Lauren. Tons of classic fixtures to choose from that work for both contemporary and classic homes.
  • Lamps Plus – Here you’ll find an extensive, well-priced collection of lamps and lighting fixtures to suit both your contemporary and classic needs. This site can take some time to get through it all, but if you need a one stop shop, this will do it.
  • Urban Electric – If you’re looking for cool factor, you’ve found the spot. Best known for retro, handblown and unique fixtures, this is another place that with the right eye and vision you can have a lot of fun with your lighting.
  • Rejuvenation – With a selection of just about everything, their lighting selection is upscale without being over-the-top expensive. With a tasteful and timeless look, this is a great line to add sophistication and classic style to your home
  • IKEA – We all know of IKEA, and if you are on a tight budget but in need of some lighting eye candy, IKEA can usually fit the bill. They don’t have an enormous selection, but with a little creativity you can really give your house some WOW factor, for not a lot of money!

As I mentioned above, lighting is eye candy for your home, so be bold! When done right the lighting can really take your home to the next level. What are some of your favorite places to shop for lighting? If not listed above, put suggestions in the comments below, Id love to hear about them!


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