In a couple of weeks I leave for Southern California to meet with my Bau Biology instructor. This two day seminar/field trip updates me on the latest science and technology on the health within our homes.

What the heck is that you say? In the simplest of terms, Bau biology is the study of our modern day environment and how it effects our homes and health. A terrific book on the subject is by Athena Thompson, Homes That Heal.
Everything from the furniture we buy, the carpet we install, the mattress we sleep on, even the cell phone we use has chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies that harm our health.


Many people like to pooh-pooh it. It’s just fear mongering, or pure hype. But if that were true we wouldn’t be losing three celebrities in one week due to Cancer. Isn’t it strange the rise we are seeing in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, food allergies, thyroid problems etc? One in four people now has cancer or has had cancer. Myself included! Compared to fifty years ago when it was 1 in 100. Hmmm, interesting.

No one is immune to it because we can’t escape it. It is all around us; thus why a new science is born, to educate those who will listen and take action.

On Tuesday of last week I received a phone call from my local electric company. In an excited voice I was being told that my electricity would be going out for a few hours while an “exciting, new technology” was being installed to replace my “old, archaic, dilapidated” electric box. Choice words I was being told about a box that had served me very well. A box that I would be keeping – and would fight to the death for if I had to.


The war on Smart Meters


Smart meters started to be installed in California almost a decade ago. According to the electric company they are extremely safe, are more private, more efficient and more accurate. All exciting, right? Nope. They are extremely harmful to your health and many of the original explorers of this new technology are experiencing everything from buzzing, seizures, arthritis, dizziness, headaches, cancer and more. But this is all just a coincidence I’m sure. I’ve also heard they aren’t quite as private as they once claimed, either.


I have opted-out of this “exciting, new technology,” choosing to enjoy my “old, archaic, dilapidated” electric box, that has served me well. I would recommend you do the same; and yes the electric company has to give you the choice. It might cost an extra $100 bucks a year, but according to my calculations, that’s cheaper than cancer.


Many will claim that they do not emit more than a cell phone frequency – but I hate to tell you, those aren’t safe for you either. And nether is the microwave, the GMO laden food you eat, or the cheap furniture you buy (thinking you got a hell of a steal) that is laden with formaldehyde and other severe toxins. Sure, it all seems safe because no one has died from it, right? Well it’s a slow, chronic, feel-like-crap-death. But sure, who’s counting.


The struggle is real. And it’s why as an interior designer I educate my clients on the difference between quality interior design, and cheap design that seems great, but severely harms your health. Along with your family and your pets. So if you get the call about this “exciting, new technology,” in your neighborhood you might want to look into it before you agree. You’ll find all sorts of fancy PR releases on the safety. You’ll find a lot of articles on the benefits like privacy, but you’ll have to search a little deeper for the risks – because that affects the pockets of those who are benefitting from this “exciting, new technology.”


So am I the weirdo running around the neighborhood in tin foil? Perhaps. But as the technology around us collectively gets more invisible, motives get skewed, and profits grow larger, I’ve decided that my analog meter is just fine. Because I’ve learned that the truth isn’t always truthful.


Remember, you are in charge of you – so be diligent, and read between the lines,
Love and light
Amanda Gates
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