It was over a year ago that David and I decided to go completely non-GMO with all the food we consumed. At first this may seem like a daunting task, but with readily available info on the web like the non-GMO project, food babe, GMO free, and living Maxwell – just to name a few, it isn’t too difficult to participate in YOUR health decisions.

These 9 ingredients are over 80% contaminated and found in everything the average American eats, so if you are just dipping your toe into this world of Non-GMO, start there. If you aren’t even sure what a GMO is, or if you are consuming it (Which is inevitable at this stage of the game if you are eating processed foods) read this article I wrote on the basics of GMO’s.

Can we really trust our Food System |

Why go GMO free?

One of the reason’s David and I started eating a non-GMO lifestyle was all the health implications that keep getting reported that are simply undeniable. Many industry insiders claim that the proteins used to make GMO’s are broken down in our digestive system, but after further study, it has been found to be false. Scientists have proven time and time again that those who eat GMOS, have the proteins circulating in their blood stream, it’s found in their urine, and if pregnant, it’s found in the fetuses blood stream.

It was just found by GMO free USA that Kellogg’s fruit loops have tested positive for GMO’s and weedkiller, through it’s corn ingredients. The cereal was found to have:

  • 100% of corn to be modified containing DNA sequences that are present in insecticide-producing Bt and roundup
  • Corn used had the insecticide inside the plant’s cells and therefore cannot be washed off.

Many studies (buried by the big corporations whose bottom lines are influenced by GMO production) have found that insecticide corn had adverse effects on our health:

  • Severe immune system disturbance
  • Male reproductive organ damage
  • Large disturbances in the digestive system
  • Severe organ toxicity

And in addition to the GMO proteins being found in the corn, significant levels of glyphosate, the main ingredient found in round up, has also been identified. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world and is now found in 75% of the air and rain from numerous studies who have sampled it. Used mainly to combat weeds on farming crops, many farmers are having to use 25%-30% MORE herbicides to now combat super weeds, putting more chemicals into our rain, air, soil and food system.

Why is glyphosate a concern?

Well if consuming weed killer wasn’t enough of an answer for you, glyphosate:

  • Effectively substitutes estrogen, causing the stimulation of accelerated breast cancer cells to grow
  • Found in urine of those with chronic disease
  • Piglets found with birth defects had high levels of glyphosate in their organs
  • Male infertility
  • Chronic fatal kidney disease

Can we really trust our Food System |

Can We Really Trust Our Food System?

Nope. According to Living Maxwell:

“Kellogg’s does not have to label any ingredients that are genetically-modified, despite the fact that GMOs carry such tremendous health risks.


Because the food and ag-biotech industry has spent $572 million from 1999 to 2010 to make sure that certain food policies, such as GMO-labeling, are not adopted. Kellogg’s alone has spent $2 million on anti-GMO-labeling initiatives over the last few years.”

And many big businesses have found loop holes creating crops that don’t require regulation and can go straight to market.

So what can you do?

  1. Well if you eat Kellogg’s cereal, Call them (800-962-1413) and demand they remove GMOs from all of their products and get Non-GMO Project verified
  2. Support companies like GMO Free , the non-GMO Verified Project and Green America
  3. Avoid these ingredients
  4. Get educated. My GMO basics article is a great place to start. Earth open’s article, Are they safe? And start learning about Corporate America, because their greed to increase their bottom line, puts YOUR health at risk. (Syngenta, Dupont and Monsanto, just to name a few) And don’t count on Congress, they think Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO labeling

Food for thought: Is your health for sale? Monsanto thinks so.

Two months ago a story came out about two reporters who were fired by FOX news for being “disobedient.” They had been investigating the GMO giant, Monsanto. Turns out, their investigation found many health implications in our food system’s milk. Unfortunately, the story never aired because Monsanto’s high-priced attorney’s stepped in saying their would be consequences, and sure enough there was. According to True Activist:

“Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were working on a series talking about health concerns related to Monsanto’s growth hormone. The growth hormone did not comply with safety requirements as highlighted by Canada health. Mysteriously that conclusion was deleted from the final published version of Monsanto’s report.

Days before the series was to begin they received a fax from one of Monsanto’s high-priced lawyers in New York, saying there will be consequences for Fox News if they proceed with the story. Scared that they were going to get sued, the general manager tried to bribe Steve and Jane, asking them not to proceed with the story and not to discuss it with anyone. They refused and later got fired”

Steve and Jane went to trial for wrongful termination and the jury awarded Jane $425,000 for being fired for trying to educate consumers on the adverse health effects from Monsanto’s growth hormone being placed in milk.

Media is owned by corporate America. Comcast, Gannet, Cox, Media General, Bello Corp and Post-Newsweek appealed Jane’s ruling, and the media won, because all of their advertisers are in bed with companies like Monsanto.

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Still think your health isn’t for sale? Think again.