It can be a lot of fun to have guests stay in your home, but it can be nerve racking to those who are visiting. Most people don’t want to impose and feel that they are putting you out if they ask for something. Rather than having them ask, be a good hostess and try to think of everything they might need. If you know them well, add those special touches like their favorite flavored coffee, or their favorite magazine. My mom adores this candle, from Antica Farmacista, so I always make sure it’s on her nightstand to let her know I was thinking of her. It’s such a treat to invite people into your home, so make them feel welcomed! And the more accessible things are to them, the more they will truly feel at home.

It’s the little things that truly make all the difference. Sure a hotel may give them some generic toiletries and a bleached smelling robe, but you can take their experience in your home and make it one they’ll never forget. And the less they have to ask for things, the more relaxed and comfortable they’ll be. Below I’ve put together the ultimate check list of essentials. If you want something a little more easy, be sure to read my 13 Ultimate guest room essentials, the quick and dirty, cliffs notes version to guest rooms.

Most importantly, when you have guests coming, be sure to cover the basics. But if you really want your guests to feel really special this list includes everything from fresh towels, snacks and even bug spray. Remember, the less they have to ask, the more they feel comfy. I also included one of my favorite items under the sleeping category and that’s a sound machine. If you don’t have one, get one now! They are amazing. It’s a small machine that puts out soft white noise. Just a consistent sound that is equivalent to a running fan. It’s a great way to tune out the every day noises your home and neighborhood have, ensuring your guests have a restful nights sleep. Ka-pow!

Ultimate guest room essentials


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