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What is it about the word luxury that appeals to us? Does it personify comfort? Perhaps it guarantees fulfillment and satisfaction because of a premium cost? Actually, the answer is no. Luxury has very little to do with money. In fact, luxury can be defined in many ways, depending on who you ask. To me it’s more about how the object or experience makes us feel.

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I cannot help but think of the methodical practice of preparing for upcoming guests. A guest room should be inviting, relaxing and comforting for those you welcome into your home. How would you want to feel if you stayed with friends? It can be unnerving to stay in someone else’s home. We often feel that we are imposing and our daily routines can be thrown off, which can make us anxious.

So create a beautiful experience for your guests, to help influence their mood. Do everything you can to make them feel at home. Luxury is not about expense, but how you make your guests feel while they stay, and it also doesn’t need to be fussy and or complicated for you. Use great linens, have fluffy towels, and surround your guests with all the things they love!

13 ultimate guest room essentials | gatesInteriordesign.com

13 Guest room essential checklist:

  • Give all guests large Luxury bath towels and include several hand towels and wash cloths. Put these items in there room for easy access.
  • Provide guests with liquid bath gel and several bars of luxury soap to make them feel special.
  • Make available a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. I generally put these items in a basket in the bathroom and tell my guests to help themselves to what ever they need.
  • Have a small basket full of Shampoo and Conditioner and basic hair products.
  • Give each guest a luxurious bath robe and as an extra bonus have them embroidered with their initials to take home as a gift.
  • Include a hair dryer, an extra hair brush and a comb.
  • Always have an attractive Alarm Clock  that is easy to use.
  • Put a luggage rack next to the bed or inside the closet.
  • Supply a range of magazines, and a few books on the night table for reading.
  • Furnish a bowl full of fruit on the dresser and give them a coffee maker with cups and several bottled waters on a tray. If they drink, add a bottle of wine, with a wine opener
  • Store extra blankets and pillows in the closet or in a cabinet in case your guest’s need them.
  • Supply nice set of wooden hangers for your guests to hang their clothes.
  • Have a tray of lovely after shave, lotions and other toiletries that your guests may need. And always include bug spray and sunscreen in case they need it.

Indulge your guests when they stay with you. Let them know that you are thrilled to have them. Pamper them and accommodate them so they feel at home. Staying with friends is more engaging and fun than staying at a hotel, and the little extras you provide will make their trip unforgettable.

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