I’ve said it many times on this blog, small changes can make a big impact in your life. And Terry Lancaster’s new book, Better! Self Help For The Rest of Us, shows us just that. At 48 years old, he was overweight, a heavy drinker and failing at his career. Then one night, he had an epiphany while at a bar, “When the drunk guy at the bar hitting on the meth addict becomes the voice of reason in your life, maybe it’s time to reexamine your lifestyle.”

To add insult to injury, Terry was a bartender during the the Garth Brooks comeback tour. It was then he realized that at nearly 50 years old, he needed to get his shit together. But those self-help books on the shelf, you know the ones, they have covers with beautiful people, fancy suits and bright shiny smiles – that wasn’t like Terry. But he learned from professor B.J Fogg that tiny habits can lead to big change.

How To Get Better At Everything You Do

So by accident, Terry got sober, cold turkey. He deemed it sober October. Then one month turned to three, and before he knew it he was even running! And he’ll be the first one to tell you he runs so slow the buzzards are following him home, but he was doing it. Which lead to the evolution of his book.

Rather than reading a book about him preaching to you about the changes in his life, and how great he is, he not only shares his own stories of epic failures, and a fall from grace with alcoholism but he shows you HOW you too can learn minor improvements in your own life to alter the structure of your brain to make goals and life improvement easier. Although you won’t find any instant gratification buttons here, something all Americans love to hear, you will find easy ways to set and keep goals, one step at a time. His greatest tip? Just get started!

In today’s podcast we cover:

  • How Terry’s relatable story got him motivated
  • Tips on how to set goals and keep them
  • Why you should always clean your pool sober
  • The Jerry Seinfeld method to success
  • B.J. Fogg and his theory on habits and motivation
  • How to build habits
  • Meditation
  • Morning routines

And I’m super excited that Terry is offering up several signed copies of his book for FREE. Interested in your free copy? Email us for details! [email protected]

Show notes:

Recommended books discussed on the show:

The Morning Routine
Stumbling on Happiness
The Power of Habit

Some additional reading that may be helpful

How to meditate

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