As my business continues to grow, it requires me to travel more and more. While traveling is important for growth and connection, it can simultaneoulsy be depleting and draining on my system – especially for a sensitive person like me. Many people don’t even realize that they are sensitive to other peoples energy. For many of us, we learn early on that there is a stigma to the word “sensitive”… especially if you are a woman. For most of us it’s been frowned upon to show too much emotion, or showing that you couldn’t keep up with the boys. You’re being “too sensitive.” But fortunately for us, that old patriarchal system, forced on us through war, religion and government is crumbling down. And here’s another thing, being sensitive “emotionally” and being sensitive “physically” are two entirely different categories that most of us have lumped into one giant category because, isn’t sensitive just being sensitive?

No. If you are what’s known as an Empath, you are more open to the energies around you, meaning you absorb them like a sponge. This is otherwise known as being sensitive. So if the jerk in the airport is vibrating in anger at the stewardess at Delta, his broadcast is slamming into you like the Titanic.

The good news is the divine feminine is starting to peek through, and, intuition, empathy, and compassion, along with being an empath, are quickly starting to shine through. What does that mean exactly? That means that a softer side of energy is emerging and that decision making will be based on our core feelings of desire, rather than obligation. But, how can we be our best self, and offer that best to the world if we are depleted and running on empty? You can’t and it will never happen, so stop trying. Trust me when I say, your intuition, empathy and compassion are shut down when you’re not at your optimum. These are delicate energies that need to be nurtured not pounded.

It took me years to get over the hump of “I’ll just power through, I can do it.” After all it’s a mans world and we’re just living in it. right? Hell no! Problem with that motto is the recipient isn’t getting all of you, and instead getting a shell of you. And for me that’s a real problem because I do energy for a living. In fact, this past week my energetic system was the conduit to clear, transform, and transmute the energy of five acres. Something I would not have had the power to do even five years ago. The reason I am capable of doing it is because I care for my instrument. That day didn’t require travel, but the day before I took the day to rest. I got a massage, meditated, drank tons of water, read a good book, and went to yoga. All things I recommend when traveling.

You cannot be your best self if you’re not showing up as a whole person. If you didn’t sleep well, are dehydrated, and frazzled, you cannot harbor your energy system in nor give in the best possible way. Other peoples energy can be chaotic, dramatic, and intense when traveling. Combine that with your already depleted system that’s over tired, over stressed, and over taxed and it’s a recipe for disaster. Think about it, If you’re standing in an airport of cancelled flights, delayed flights, and missed flights, you’re absorbing all of that chaotic soup. This idea of just pushing through and over riding your alarm system, or worse, joining in the drama, is what I call a Below The Cross Emotion. What’s that you say? It is my belief that there are two categories of emotions: Good or Bad. It’s that simple. You’re either in the enlightened happy state (Above the cross,) or in a outraged asshole state,(Below the Cross) In order to transmute the bad, you must choose to stay in the good.

So, if you are reading this, I hope that this inspires you to travel well, and give back to your self in big ways. Do everything you can to stay in those Above the Cross Emotions to alleviate unnecessary stress to your body, and take care of it in every way possible.

Here’s 8 tips on how to get your travel right along with a video explaining more tips!





  • Carry stones with you- Some of my favorites are : Carnelian, Danburite, Bloodstone, Malachite and Tourmaline. Watch the video to see what these stones will do for you and how to get the best use out of them. { here’s a great article on 7 essential healing crystals to get you started in stones}
  • Clear the energy out- your bed and room are energy soup. Clear it out to feel your best and get the best nights sleep possible. (Here’s a great article on 5 ways to remove negative energy from your space)
  • Set up an altar- Having an altar is a great way to set up and end your day with intention. They are also a great way to invoke your space and get rid of the bad juju. Here’s a great article explaining more about altars)
  • Diffuser- we often underestimate the power of a scent. It can instantly shift our mood and uplift our spirits. Put some essential oils in a water bottle (try not to use tap water) and pour into your diffuser. Some of my favorite oils to use are lavender, peppermint, vanilla, and spearmint. And when in season, cinnamon!
  • Drink plenty of water- we get really dehydrated when traveling. Dont underestimate how hard traveling is on your system. Hydrate and care for your temple.
  • Meditate– meditation helps your body bring its energy back in and recalibrate. Even if its only 5-10 minutes just take a moment to breathe and regroup.
  • Eat well– many people I know tend to eat poorly when they travel. “Its too hard to find healthy food on the go, its too much effort, Im too tired…” Ive heard it all.
  • Stay off your tech- Nothing is more draining and sapping than technology. Stay off it when you can!

Traveling can be really fun and I encourage everyone to do it often. So many good things can come from getting out of our comfort zones. However, it’s not a time to be reckless. Be a good host and care for your temple in every way possible. You cannot trash your body and expect it to operate like a Ferrari. Do the suggestions above and let us know what a differenc it made in how you felt!


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