Seven years ago I signed up for my first chakra healing course. It was put on by what I consider to be the charka queen, Carol Tuttle. At the time I didn’t know much about the chakras, what I did know was that I was going through a divorce and my life felt really out of sorts.

7 essential healing crystals to get you started

I had just attended a business conference in Dallas where I met a gal named Mary who was an energy healer. I had no idea what that even was. Interestingly enough while at the conference I blurted out at lunch one day, “my energy is all out of whack, I wish I knew someone who could help me put it back in order!” Well guess who was sitting next to me? Mary! The energy healer. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was in a private room with Mary getting my chakras in order. Trust me I was hesitant. But there was no denying that after my hour session with Mary I felt amazing. And one thing that really stood out with my session was that she said my throat chakra was closed down. Umm, is that important?

7 essential healing crystals to get you started

Fast forward to today and I laugh at that experience in Dallas. I now work exclusively with a healer, acupuncturist and chinese medicine doctor to keep me balanced and healthy. If Sally (my current energy healer) were to tell me my throat chakra was closed down I’d cancel my meetings for the rest of the day and she and I would get to work, that’s how serious I take my chakras.

One benefit that I did not expect to learn from my early days with Carol was the concept of healing stones. Through her course I fell down the rabbit hole and never looked back. Just like with my encounter with Mary I was hesitant, but after a very surreal experience with a quartz necklace I became a fast believer.

Crystals can seem like an elusive concept. To many, their conscious mind just sees a rock with pretty colors, but for the rest of us we see healing, growth, connection, love and so much more. In fact, many energy healers like Mary and Sally can actually see energy, and can tell you how your auric field changes when those stones come in contact with you. I know, now I’m getting really wierd! But if you’re interested in learning more I highly recommend Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine. Donna not only sees colorful energy but she also can see shapes and emotions too. Really profound stuffy y’all!

OK, so if all of this is completely new to you and you haven’t completely checked out, the question bears asking, where the hell do you even start if you want to get into collecting? Great question! If you’re ready to start your first collection, and want to build an altar, here are 7 essential healing crystals to get you started!

For additional information be sure to check out my video from the Nashville Galactic Expo where I walk the show and share with you all my favorite stones and why!

 7 essential healing crystals to get you started!

7 essential healing crystals to get you started

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is hands down one of the best stones you can have in your collection. This is the stone of unconditional love, self love, partnerships and marriage. This stone works with your heart charka. It is a soft energy stone and ideal for any beginner starting out. And if you’re still thinking stones aren’t that powerful, I put a large 14″ x 14″ massive rose quartz in my garden last year to help my lily plant that was struggling, and within a week she was the tallest plant in the garden. No joke, heres that post:

7 essential healing crystals to get you started

2. Carnelian

A carnelian palm stone is an excellent stone to boost the root and sacral chakra. I consider this the creativity stone. In feng shui this is an excellent stone to place in your office. Because this stone is a support stone for anyone who builds things like contractors and architects, engineers to hobbyists this stone reminds me of the number 22, a master number which resonates to the master builder. This stone can help you attract new resources, brings prosperity and even good luck to those who have it. In addition to resonating to the builder it is also said to help strengthen ones voice. SO if you’re singer, or speaker, this is a definite stone to add to your collection.

3. Citrine

Hands down one of the best stones you can have in your collection. This stone resonates to the solar plexus and is an all around universal stone. It attracts prosperity, removes negativity and is great at clearing gunk from other stones!

4. Clear quartz

No collection can even begin without this master stone. Clear quartz is the most universal stone you can own. So if you are completely new to stones and have no idea where to start, start here! This is the master healer and it resonates to all chakras. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  It removes negative energy, neutralizes, cleanses, enhances, stimulates and boosts energy. Also an excellent starter stone for meditation.

5. Turquoise

This is not one you’ll typically find on a beginners list, but in my opinion ( the one that counts, haha) it’s excellent for a beginner because it is easy to find. This stone benefits the entire body. Immune system, respiratory and skeletal systems all benefit from this stone. I consider turquoise the friendship stone. As long as you have turquoise you will never want for a friend. Aids in leadership, and can move you through writers block as it aids in clear communication. A great stone for protection while traveling and one of the best stones to clear your throat chakra. So if you have trouble speaking up this is the stone for you!

6. Yellow Calcite

This stone aids in self confidence and hope and resonates to the solar plexus. It helps to empower, motivate and is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns. Yellow Calcite specifically can help clear out self doubt, giving you the opportunity to organize intellect and information. In addition if you struggle with over all low energy, yellow calcite can help boost your mood and energy level.

7) Amethyst

Like clear quartz, no collection is complete without an amethyst. Another universal stone, amethyst is great at balancing your chakra system, especially your crown chakras. This is one of the most effective healing stones, thus the reason you often see it in yoga studios, spas and other integrative health facilities. Amethyst calms and soothes people and has the ability to take on a lot of heavy energy and neutralize it. Considered a protective stone, it reduces stress and dissolves negativity. And if its enlightenment you seek amethyst strengthens intuition and psychic powers.

No matter which stones you choose getting started may be the hardest part. Don’t get hung up on the idea that it needs to be these specific ones, or ones found on another list. In all my years of doing stones and feng shui I have found that people are often drawn to what they need most. Experiment with the options and explore with child like wonder. Stones can be incredibly fun to collect and once you get a collection of five or more pieces you can start building ceremonial altars!


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