Growing up in Arizona as a kid, I learned a lot about the art of devotion, and spirit. Rooted deep in tradition, the local reservations often held ceremonies and rituals to celebrate worship, the seasons, weddings, birthdays and even death. Found throughout homes in Arizona, and New Mexico for hundreds of years, homeowners built beautiful personal altars for worship and prayer within their own homes to express their faith.

Originally built in homes for those who did not live close to communal worship, altars were a way for people express faith, and create a happy home. Elaborate altars can still be found across the southwest today and they are filled with everything from candles, sculptures and more.

I use personal altars to ground my intentions, and strengthen my connection to the divine. But those of any faith can build a personal altar within their space to increase peace, clarity of intention and create a sacred space within a home. This is also an excellent time of year to build an altar when we are reminded of all we have to be grateful for. Here are four ways to build your altar.

feng shui devotion personal altar

Feng Shui Devotion – Creating Personal Altars

  • Scarves – what is it you desire most? Where are you directing your prayer? Use a beautiful scarf as the foundation of your altar, and be mindful of color. Is it love you seek? Place a pink or red scarf down to solidify your intent
  • Candles – Nothing starts ceremony better than the lighting of candles. Place them with care and light them with love. Place them around the altar and light them clockwise
  • Crystals and gemstones – it is a well known fact that crystals amplify our connection to god and spirit. They also amplify our intentions. Place crystals that you are drawn to around your altar, with care, so that they blend beautifully with your scarf, and candles
  • Mementos or personal objects – nothing is off limits. So what ever items that call to you, place those on the altar as well.

Altars are just as much about beauty as they are an invitation to peace and serenity for your home. It is a sacred space to honor and connect, show gratitude for all that you have and ask for assistance where it is needed most.

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