Have you ever walked into a space that felt off or heavy? I remember years ago when I moved into my first house I found it difficult to be in my office. My heart rate would go up, it would be hard to breathe and after 6 pm I felt like I was being suffocated. I was a wise 20 something (aren’t we all at 20?) and I thought it was all in my head so I ignored it….until I had a run in with Marlene.

I was at a Borders bookstore (remember them?) and I was thumbing through a Feng Shui book. I knew nothing about Feng Shui and must have had a perplexed look on my face when a woman with the most angelic eyes approached me, “You know dear that’s just the answer for clearing your space.” Ummmmmm, what?

Two hours later, in the Borders Bookstore cafe I became friends with Marlene. She was an impressive soul. She had a Masters degree in Metaphysics and taught at the local state college. She was also an expert on this Feng Schmay thing I had been reading about, and an intuitive. She told me that I needed to study up on it, learn about it’s healing properties and incorporate it into my life. I told her about my office and she gave me several tips on clearing energy that I still use today. I never saw Marlene again. In fact when I went back to California a few years ago I tried to look her up with no luck. But because of that interaction I signed up for Interior Design School and got certified in Feng Shui. Isn’t it funny how one small thing, one small interaction can change someones life? That is a lesson in itself.

A few weeks ago my parents decided to downsize their home and they purchased what dad calls “a steal!” Well, there’s a reason it’s been on the market for two years. The energy was so thick in the house it felt like a dungeon of doom. Turns out the house has not been loved on. It has been surrounded and engulfed in divorce, alcoholism and suicide and is in need of a MAJOR cleansing.

The purpose of a House Cleanse is to remove all stagnant and negative energy. Major life events that cause stress or anxiety will linger in a home and it will slow the energy down, making you feel unmotivated, lethargic and foggy headed. Any time you purchase a new home or experience a stressful event in your home it should be cleansed. In the case of my parents new home I recommend a daily cleanse and some high powered cures.

In most instances smudging a house with sage and a prayer will remove negative energy. It is important that you intently clear the energy out of the home. Salt the home. It keeps negativity at bay and purifies the home. Colorful Flowers and natural plants are always an excellent source for cleansing a home, purifying the air and uplifting your spirit. And finally, lemongrass incense is a great way to circulate energy in your home everyday and remove stagnant energy that does not serve you.

I do a lot of house clearings here in Tennessee. They make great housewarming gifts, wedding gifts and holiday gifts. If you’d like to have a clearing in your home, or would like to gift one to someone you know, call us today to set up a consultation.

How to cleanse a home

I now offer this as a course and you can find the online version here/