9 Feng Shui Cures To Balance the energy In Your Home

The goal with Feng Shui is to create balance and harmony within our homes, and just like a physician can’t prescribe the same remedies over and over, feng shui cures can vary based on the room and home. Not all rooms are treated equal. Some have irregular shapes, like an “L” shaped room, that would require different remedies to be employed to correct them, then say a square room.

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Cures are used to alter, moderate, disperse or expand the chi energy for optimal results. But before you get overzealous about all these new tools remember that, not all cures can be treated equally. So, haphazardly implementing a cure without knowing it’s proper purpose can do more harm than good.

Below I will discuss the 9 feng shui cures to balance energy in your home:


Lights symbolize the sun. Placing them outside can boost “missing” areas and inside they brighten and enhance the chi energy. Think about a room in your home that has low ceilings and bad lighting…how does it make you feel? Now place good lighting in there and poof the room instantly feels better.


Pleasing sounds from bells and wind chimes can instantly boost chi and the energetic vibe in your environment. Wind chimes help disperse chi, and they help diffuse noise, like that from traffic.

Soft music is also an excellent way to boost chi within your home. It excites the energy, boosts your mood and instantly creates a warm inviting feeling. On the flip side, loud, harsh music will disrupt the chi. Listening to rap music that discusses guns (negative), violence (negative) and disrespecting women (negative) draws the chi down. Negative words and connotations have lower vibrations, so heavy metal, rap, or any music that discusses low vibration things will not boost chi – no matter how much you like the song.

Bamboo Flutes

Traditionally bamboo flutes harken good news. They are used to help bring peace, safety, and security to a home. They can also be used to help boost those low ceilings we talked about above and soften beams that can be harsh on chi.

Using Living Things in Feng Shui

Plants and animals represent nature, growth and life force. Plants can cleanse the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and they soften jarring corners.Animals are terrific feng shui energy boosters. They move around our homes stirring up chi, they are playful and happy and they boost our moods. And if your animals have bells or tags that make noise when they move, this helps excite the chi within your home.

Feng Shui and Mirrors

Mirrors are the aspirin of feng shui. Next to crystals, they are one of the most prominent cures to facilitate moving chi in a home. Mirrors help expand spaces, reflect light and deflect unwanted energy. Use them inside to facilitate good moving energy and use them outside to divert bad neighbors, traffic or unsightly buildings.

Large Objects in Design

Heavy objects help hold chi down. Objects like stones, statues, even large furniture can help weight the chi down. Feel like your money or relationship is slipping away? Use objects to root the chi in a positive way.

Energetic objects

Most feng shui practitioners are not fond of electronics. They disturb chi and can drain us. But in today’s modern world it is hard to avoid them so if you can’t beat them, join them. Electrical items can stimulate an area that is in need of a boost. Fans, computers and appliances can be helpful if you are wanting to activate a particular area that has become stagnant.


In feng shui each gua is associated and activated by a color. Colors have long been associated with powerful psychological effects and can change the energy within a room by it’s association to elements. For instance, green is associated with nature, growth and stability. On the flip side, red is considered and energizing color and very auspicious in feng shui. yellow can represent the sun, vitality and longevity.

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Often, cures can be used in combination of one another to create different energy recipes, for different scenarios. As I have often said before, whether you choose to believe in the philosophy of feng shui or not, all of our homes have an energetic vibe. Put your stamp on it and make it your own. Setting forth the intention of wanting to change how your home feels is a step in the right direction.

Need help boosting your home’s energy? Contact me today for a feng shui consultation. I am a Nashville based interior designer/decorator who helps clients across the nation with intentional design.

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