How To Harness The Power Of Intention Through Feng Shui

Intention is a finicky thing, but it needn’t be complicated. Simply put, intention is the art of focusing your mind (energy) to produce a particular outcome. The concept of mind over matter has become so popular that ivy league schools like M.I.T and Standford are getting on board with programs like The Intention Experiment. But this knowledge of quantum physics is neither new or trendy. Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and many others have known about this “secret” for millennia, and have written many books about it. Which brings me to the book, The Secret. The information shared in this ever popular book was nothing new. It was merely explaining that intentions when well-clarified and focused can be attracted into your reality; words, paragraphs and chapters that had all been written about before.

Intention is more than attracting that new sports car or acquiring that dream home. It is having a better understanding of who you are, what you want, and directing energy towards you to produce a desired result. As Ester Hicks so famously said, “It is just as easy to attract a castle as it is a button”. So why do many of us fail? Why is it that someone like Steve Jobs can clearly define an empire and attract it and the rest of us fail at attracting a small button? Focused intention.

Our number one mistake as a society is we think about too much stuff, not to mention out of fifty thousand thoughts a day only one thousand are positive. We are inundated with thousands of negative thoughts a day attracting more of what we don’t want, like more bills. In order to harness more positive energy and get better results let’s start at home. Here are five Feng Shui tips you can do at home to get better results.1) Color. Feng Shui is all about defining clear intentions through color, so if you have a main intention in mind strengthen it with color. For example, are you zapped at worked and in need of some serious creativity for that next ad campaign? Inject orange, whites and pastels into your home to boost your intention.

2) Clutter. Remove all the unnecessary crap from your home. Remove the clutter, clear your thoughts, period.

3) Plants. If you listened to my January podcast, Tom and I discussed the importance of nature and our declining connection to it. Nature grounds our energy and uplifts our moods. It is also a great way to boost intentions. Looking for more strength and endurance? Add orchids to your home.

4) Music. We all have different tastes in music but the effect is the same, happiness. When you have a favorite song on how does it make you feel? You immediately feel happy, you sing along and snap your fingers. Music also uplifts energy through sound vibrations. Combine that with your happy mood and you’re in intention accelerator mode! Pow!

5) Good health. If you do not take care of yourself your energy is zapped. It’s the equivalent of trying to make a car drive cross country with a half a tank of gas…it ain’t gonna happen! Eat right,  fill your home with scrumptious raw foods, drink water from a fancy glass, and find an activity that takes you outside of responsibility. Perhaps gardening? It’s easy and fun. Heres my basil in all it’s beautiful, aromatic glory, YUM!

If you want design in your home that supports your intentions and creates more “flow” and peace, contact me today for a personalized Feng Shui Consultation. I offer in-person and online consultations. 615-236-9976
xo Amanda
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