Clients often ask me what to do with their TV’s. Women want to hide them, and men want to highlight and show them off. I am not opposed to having a TV out in the room. Now that TV’s are flat and very small they are not nearly as obtrusive as they used to be. I mean think about it, TV’s used to be close to twenty four inches thick. (Not to mention weigh over 100 pounds!) But why not hang your TV on the wall and include some attractive art?

One Kings Lane

As I perused through One Kings Lane today they had this article on how to incorporate your TV into a work of art. This is a great way to make your TV disappear and turn it into a feature rather than an eye sore. A win-win for both hubby and wifey. What do you think? Do you like this application or would you rather hang your art and TV separately?

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