Imagine going into your office and sitting with a client dressed in your pajamas. How would you feel? I’m guessing you wouldn’t feel professional,unless of course you’re Hugh Hefner. You wouldn’t be able to really sell your offerings with confidence, (not with felt scooby pants and messed up hair.) Well my friends, same goes for your office. Even if you dont have a lot of money, your work space should be THE BEST that you can afford, because it is what EARNS your living.
When you walk into your dirty office filled with scattered paper, mismatched furniture, no inspiring art, and scratched walls, you’re probably not going to feel organized and you’re certainly not going to be inspired.
Now take that same space, put a lovely coat of paint on the walls, a fantastic chair  (like wearing the right kind of sexy heels) inspiring photos of art or family on the walls, and surround yourself with accessories that hold meaning to you. THIS space holds an entirely different energy. This energy and the entrepreneur inside of it is uplifted, inspired, motivated and going to work to work. Big difference. This gal EARNS her living.
feng shui money maker
Interiors play a big role in our productivity, especially our office. When we are in a great space it lifts our confidence and we become stronger, more assertive business owners. It gives us credence rather than uncertainty. Even if it is just a small desk in the kitchen make every effort to make that “your” space. It will change the dynamic of how you run and operate your business, your household your non-profit…whatever it is. I have been doing this for 16 years and I’ve seen it again and again. If you feel like a rockstar you perform like one too.

5 ways to feng shui your money maker

1) Lighting


Choose a lamp that not only provides good light for your desk but adds decoration too. Don’t choose a lamp that has a bent frame, leans, or eats through bulbs. Also, don’t choose a lamp that is less than 29″ tall or causes aggravation, like the lamp above and to the left. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a lamp that won’t cooperate – terrible feng shui!

A beautiful lamp like this one or this one provides a lovely glow and puts you in a good mood. It’s important that it be functional and pretty. According to feng shui, good lighting stirs up our chi, so light it up! For an added bonus keep it to the left of your desk to light up your finances.

2) Window treatments

Simple panels to soften the walls or a simple valance is a great way to add some color and decorate your space. Many clients I see neglect their windows and it’s unfortunate because they are such a great window of opportunity! (har!)

The point is, if you don’t have a lot of money use what ever you’ve got – a shower curtain, table cloth or a scrap of fabric left over from something else and use it to add some style.

If your empire has done well, invest in some good quality panels. They add texture, soften the space, absorb sound and immediately take your space to the next level. And always up level. No Boss should ever have naked windows, and no successful Boss would still be using a shower curtain! To attract wealth you have to feel wealthy.

3) Accessories

Add beautiful accessories around your space. Choose things that suit your profession and personality. When you surround yourself with beautiful things you feel remarkably well- and that is exceptional feng shui. When your accessories have meaning you honor the space differently than you would a mismatched space. It’s about creating a mood that inspires, uplifts and makes you feel damn good.

Most accessories land on our desk. Be intentional of what goes there and why. If you’re unsure, read my article How To Feng Shui Your Desk.

4) Art

Quite simply the easiest and fastest way to make your space posh, add art…BIG art. (GO BIG, OR GO HOME) It’s no secret that I love art,  add a large 48 x 48 piece behind your desk and your space is instantly ready for business. Having trouble with clients not taking you seriously? Add a large piece of art behind your chair with mountains, like this one to convey strength and power.

5) Indulge in the little things

As an interior designer and feng shui practitioner it is my job to point out the details. When it comes to your office the little things, the details, are what matter most. Details have the biggest impact on you, your success and your finances. So, indulge in the things that matter.

Have a cup of tea in a vintage cup. Use a cloth napkin when you break for a snack. Enjoy snacks on a thrift store plate thats ridiculously expensive. Or use a high end pen that shows you’ve arrived. I have a client that was gifted a Matisse sketch from her father. She has it in her office so on those especially hard days, it reminds her to keep going.

Small things make a big difference and make your office feel decadent and self-indulgent. Those are the things that inspire you and make it all worth while, especially when those days turn long. And if a cup of tea is all it takes to uplift your mood, well do more of it!

Feng shui is a funny animal. On one hand it seems really difficult – and many of my clients think it is. But it isn’t, so don’t over complicate it. Just check in. Ask yourself, How does this feel? Do I feel inspired to perform my best work in this space? If not, it’s time for a serious change so you can inspire your money maker to earn its’ keep.

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