High Quality Bed Sheets


It was 2012 and David and I had just met. We were at that weird awkward stage where we were together all the time and couldn’t get enough of each other, but also didn’t want to admit to it. After all we were both fiercely independent. But after several dates, day time movies, coffee and even a few wrestling shows (yea you read that right but that’s a whole other blog post) I decided to sleep over at his place.

Now I should mention, prior to dating David I had been married for twelve years. So this new dating landscape was both foreign and new to me. I didn’t exactly know how to play by the rules because I was way out of practice. So when I slipped into his bed I screeched out loud from the sandpaper against my skin. Not knowing what the hell was wrong, his masterful reply was, “Man I usually don’t get that response until I’m naked.”

So what was the problem?

Low Quality Sheets. Let’s break it down:

  • 100% polyester sheets (people, poly doesn’t breathe!)
  • Purchased from Wal-mart (nuf said )
  • Paid less than $20 for them
  • They were black, and not in a cool ironic way
  • Combined with a Polyester brown comforter that had enough static electricity to run a factory

When it comes to linens I always say to buy the best you can afford. And seriously if you can’t invest a couple hundred dollars on sheets than save up, it’s worth it I promise! Once you sleep in better quality you immediately feel the difference. I remember telling David the next morning that I would not be spending another night at his place until he got better sheets. Yes, yes I know such a snobby thing to say, but what’s more funny is how the story has since unfolded.

That weekend I took him to buy new sheets. He nearly peed his pants when he saw that quality sheets were at minimum $400. In his mind the $20 polyester ones were plenty fine. That is until he slept in the good quality sheets. Not only did he sleep better but he loved how comfortable they were.

Too often people want to compare goods solely based on price. And I get it. As a culture we have been conditioned to use price as the deciding factor that determines an items value rather than the result. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the difference might be? And that there is a real difference in quality that matters?

High quality sheets and why it matters


What determines good quality sheets?

  • Quality is often expressed through thread count however this does not determine quality. Quality is determined by the fiber itself. A better quality fiber with lower thread count will be softer and last longer. So avoid crap from knock-off stores.
  • Material – is it all-natural like cotton, linen or silk?
  • How were they made? Are the fibers short or long? The words “Egyptian long-staple,” “pima,” and “Supima” all denote high-quality long fibers which means your sheets won’t pill and will get softer as you use them more.
  • Avoid anything synthetic. Polyester is often combined to create wrinkle-free sheets but this equals scratchy and hot.
  • How is the weave? Percale or Sateen are not necessarily bad and a great way to introduce a nicer quality sheet into your home for less. Percale is considered an upscale plain weave with a thread count of 180 or higher that’s known for its longevity and crisp feel. Sateen weaves have more vertical than horizontal yarns which results in an extremely soft fabric, but one that is more apt to pill and tear than a plain weave.

It needn’t be complicated. Trust me once you sleep in good quality sheets you’ll wonder why you thought the cheap ones were worth your time. Plus they are terrific feng shui too. There is no better place to start your journey into feng shui than in the bedroom. But do your homework. I see rookies make the mistake all the time of buying high thread count sheets from discount stores and low and behold they tear or pill. Rarely will you find true quality at a discounted warehouse store. Once you sleep in the good stuff you’ll be ruined and become a sheet snob too.

Organic sheets are also a great investment as their is no finishing treatment and the cotton is pure. If you or your family suffer from allergies invest in good quality organic sheets.


Sheet Snobs – How To Buy Quality Sheets Like a Boss

Over the weekend I won a new pair of sheets from west elm. Super cute, right? I love anything that is black and white. Well funny enough as David and I are putting them on the bed he says, ” Ummmm, babe I don’t think you’re going to like these.” He was right. They are a bit scratchy. But look at the price. Rather than using that as the determining factor for value I know that the price is the indicator for quality.

Case in point. Don’t use price as the tool for comparison shopping. And definitely don’t use it in making your decision. A high quality, high priced item is priced that way for a reason. It indicates a difference. Too often I see consumers doing this and it only works if you are comparing true apples to apples. Not apples to cantaloupes.

If you are unsure, ask yourself the questions above. And if you’re lazy and just want me to give you some suggestions see below!

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