valentines day gift guide

So I’m breaking the rules a bit here by posting out of sync. Who’s rules you ask? As David would say, a little from column A and a little from column B. Meaning my rules, and those set forth by the internet that state: You Must Be Consistent on your posting schedule! That’s a thing, right? Well for my readers who visit often, I typically post on Friday, but I wanted to give you a head start on the holiday of love. And what says love more than a sweatshirt reminding you to eat less celery and maybe a little more cake, or a lovely handbag to remind you of love all year long? Whatever your preference, Happy Valentine’s day, and here’s my list of must-have’s.

valentines day gift guide


1) Mama Skin Soap, 2) hand bag, 3) earrings, 4) Sheepskin Rug, 5) Colts Chocolate, 6) XO XO Wine Tags, 7)  Celery Sweatshirt


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