This is an installation I did for a client who wanted a refresh on her guest bedroom. Now she didn’t want to completely start over. But her space was originally done in 2005 and it looked tired and drab. So what can you do to freshen it up and make it current without tearing it apart and completely starting over? Well, you add Color! To really flip the switch I added a strong pop of color to not only change the look of the space but make it a little more current.

How to update your guest bedroom into a comfy retreat

So if you’re wanting to redo your space what are some things to consider?

  • Budget – first and foremost, how much do you want to spend? It adds up quickly, so if you need to, take your time to get it right.
  • Accessories – lamps, throws, pillows, add things to freshen it up and make it current. Patterns and styles can date a space, so bring it up to speed with current items that are trending from local stores like Target, Pottery Barn, and the like.
  • Paint – One of the quickest and easiest ways to change a space, especially if on a budget. Unfortunately, this client DID NOT want to repaint.

Today’s space turned out great. The before looked drab and very dated and it was way too dark. Not a space that her guests would like to hang out. With the added pop of color, this space now has more vitality and feels fresh and comfy. Take a look to see what you think. Have questions about the overall budget, keep reading below.

What is most important about doing any decorating project is coming up with a plan. First and foremost, decide on a budget, a REAL budget. A lot of folks throw out a random number without really considering the true cost of things. So if you’re unsure, check out a catalog like one from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Wisteria, or even Williams Sonoma. This will help you determine an overall budget and what it’s going to really cost to do your makeover. My room above was around $3500. Think that’s a lot? Well, it really isn’t because most everything in the room was either on sale or my cost. And that includes a set of double-width semi-custom drapes! If the client had paid full retail for this room it would have been closer to $6500. And a lot of clients will say, well if you’re shopping at local stores then why do I need your help? Great question! I’ve had clients wander on their own in the wilderness of retail stores for two years, buying and returning, buying and returning and making one mistake after another. Hiring a professional ensures you buy once and get the look right the first time. This saves tons of time and lots of money and gets you to enjoy your space faster. This is especially important when you’re working with a dated space like this one.

What’s really important to mention is this home was originally built in 2005. This is very apparent from the existing color scheme of brown and blue. I wanted to repaint and the client refused. She still loves the colors and wanted me to work around this style. Is this the most current bedroom you’ve ever seen? Does it portray the white and black trends of late? Nope. So rather than spend more money to paint and change the carpet, we worked with the existing palette and introduced the strong new color of orange. By doing this we were able to leave the majority of the room intact (keeping costs down) but still making it feel fresher.

I should add that there were a few shipping charges, and of course, my crew and I also had a design fee to create the creative concept, procure everything and install it. So as I mentioned in the video, it can add up quickly. So do your homework, decide what you want to achieve and what you’re willing to spend to achieve it. Overall, I think the update was well worth the investment!

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