At what point did it become October? It seems like it was just January and I was sipping the bubbly. If I blink my eyes I will be sipping bubbly again and another year will have passed….where does the time go? Luckily, October means we are fast approaching the Southern Living Showcase home opening!

This past week I had the opportunity to meet with Lindsey from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. I spoke with Lindsey about three months ago and proclaimed my love affair with their Beau nightstand. Hoping that they would work with me, she kindly made an appointment…and we scheduled it for last week. I was thrilled to learn that they not only were going to let me use the beau in my guest retreat, but they special ordered it to make sure I would have it in time! AH-maZing!


MG + BW is a valuable resource in Nashville. They are one of the few furniture stores in town that provide quality pieces that respectfully nod to the 50’s and 60’s but with modern day comforts. I have never been a froo-froo designer and MG + BW fits right into my aesthetic. Not to mention their furniture is still made in North Carolina, where quality and craftsmanship counts. As I always say…”Buying cheap doesn’t mean you saved any money. Often, it means you wasted hard earned money on a temporary solution” ~ Amanda

For my guest retreat, it is all about Marilyn. My furnishings must apply to the overall look and feel, and the beau nightstand from MG + BW did just that. Feeling like it couldn’t get any better, I was over the moon when I met Michael from Damico art and gallery , who was introduced to me through a mutual friend. You see Michael loves Marilyn and he and I immediately formed an affinity for one another, especially when I learned he loved Marilyn, and he learned I was dedicating my room to her. A match made in heaven.

He and I sat down and figured out how we could work together. He originally proposed one large photo but I thought a collection or series of her would make a stronger statement.He created a custom Warhol type print to honor her in the room. It is just beautiful! I cannot thank him enough for making these!
Remember this chair?

Cane chair

I had it professionally painted in a matte, or as they call it in the automobile industry “denim” paint finish, and I got this:

Curious as to what I did? Well here is a sneak peak:

The marilyn chair

Its getting very exciting and nerve racking! We are installing this week! T-minus 10 and counting, the house is almost open! Tickets are now on sale HERE.

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