Today we start the hectic but exciting process of installation for the Southern Living Show house. I have five million things going on…..and I would love to tell you I am doing it with grace, but I am really running around with my head cut off!

One thing I am really, really looking forward to is the artwork. Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love art. One of my dear friends, Marabeth Quin is creating two of the prominent art pieces in the Guest Retreat. Below is the process of Marabeths art unfolding, and I will include a completed photo Friday when the room is complete.

1) Elegance

The beginning

I rarely give Marabeth direction on the art for a space. I want her to have creative freedom to create magic. She decided on the subject matter, and all I wanted was it to be uber feminine in honor of Marilyn. Each piece utilizes the colors for the room as a jumping off point. Here is what she sent to me a few weeks ago. (pic above) And this became this:

The process

Above, Marabeth paints her subject matters from idea to conception and on to completion. This piece, called Elegance will be available for purchase for $1450 when the show house is done. This piece will be going above my vintage cane and pink chairs….can you say gorgeous? I think Marilyn would love this!

2) Orchid series #4

Orchid series #4 begins

Her orchid series is a new direction for Marabeth. Recently deciding to move to Hawaii, she has been inspired to paint beautiful large florals, like this orchid above. You can also see a finished one in the background.

Orchid series in progress

I love this shot of Marabeth hard at work. On average it can take Marabeth over 60 hours to produce one piece of art. Just like all painters, Marabeth’s work is always filled with her signature look of textured paint and high contrast colors. Each one is approached with love and great care, when her creativity is at it’s highest. Painting is one of her greatest joys and it shows in the finished product…..which you will all see on Mondays post when the room is completed. Holy cow I LOVE art! This piece is called Orchid Series #4 and will be available for purchase for $1950 after the show.

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