Well things will be delayed a bit longer at Mrs S and Co. They are headed to Maine, and then Charleston with friends and family, but the good news is we are THIS CLOSE to being finished. This week the doors were painted (despite my dream of stain) and the walls completed. Sconces and all lighting were completed and once Mrs S returns we can wrap everything up, can’t wait!

1) Doors

We had planned on stained doors but

ended up with this:

Painted doors


Is this what I wanted? Nope. But it is what it is, and Ritchie did an incredible job matching the trim and painting the doors to perfection.  I had him add mirror to the linen closet to add reflection and sparkle and and I am confident that when everything is complete no one will ever know the damn doors were suppose to be stained!

2) Sconces

Bathroom entrance

I may not have gotten my doors, but the custom vanities are superb!  It took A LOT of convincing but I finally got Mrs S to agree to sconces. Her vanity shown above will have two sconces flanking her mirror. I fought hard for those sconces and can’t wait to see them. Mr S refused sconces. While two coordinating vanities would have been ideal, as a wise woman once told me, “Amanda pick your battles!” So Mr S will not be getting sconces.

3) Master

Master bedroom

The master bedroom has been painted, and floors completed. Mr S has been daydreaming about sleeping in his own bed so Ritchie was kind enough to put his bed in the room today for a lovely nites sleep….that hopefully is as good as he remembered!

Master bedroom

Next week we will hang the shower door, install plumbing, hang the sconces up and the only thing left will be vanity tops. Those are scheduled for October 4th. hard to imagine it but we are really on the home stretch and could be seeing a completed bathroom in about two weeks! How very exciting!

Here is a little reminder of how far we have come!


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