What the heck is Space Clearing Alignment?

Also known as energy clearing, cleansing a space through ceremony, dousing and ritual has been practiced for thousands of years to rid any space of unwanted energy. Native Americans cleansed their land, people, food and homes. Coined by masters like Denise Linn who wrote an entire book on creating sacred spaces via cleansing, she has taught thousands, including myself, to understand the importance of caring for the energy around us. In addition, I have personally trained under Energy expert Jean Haneer and Eric Dowsett on dousing our spaces to rid them of energy knots, and unwanted energies like EMF radiation and Geo Pathic stresses.
Everything is energy and our intimate spaces absorb the good, bad and the ugly. I like to think of an uncleansed space as dirty bathwater.

Ever been in a space that just feels icky? Makes you want to run, right? But what about a space that felt like a warm hug? Energy affects us, so if your home or office or special place has seen you through a divorce, an accident, a death, a raging argument, or any other negative event, it’s time to clear it out. Otherwise that residue (dirty bathwater) remains and will continue to affect you and those around you.

Space Clearing:
2-4 hour appointment done in the home or office to cleanse the space of unwanted, stagnant or negative energy. Clearing includes all rooms of concern in a home or office, up to 2500 sq ft. (for larger spaces call to get a quote) Clearings include dousing, pendulum healing, prayer, mantra, salt cleanse, candle burning, and any other necessary tools needed. Also includes space clearing alter to uplift and seal the space once clearing is completed to integrate and ground the energies. Clearing alter includes hand selected items for home or office based on specific needs. An example would be crystals, incense, sage, bells, tingshas etc.
Space clearing starts at $500. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.
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