What the heck is Feng Shui?

Simply put, Feng Shui is practical advise on how to plan and arrange your home to gain better well-being. I call it, Balance, Harmony, Home™. It is a life changing experience that focuses on removing clutter, organizing your space, adding the right color, auspicious furniture placements, art, lighting, and accessories, so you live your best life. It’s about elevating all five senses in a multi-layered, 3-d experience. Through decorating with intention, Feng Shui can give you more peace, energy, grace, creativity, motivation, focus, abundance, and clarity. It’s about self-empowerment to help you live your dream life every day in a healing environment. Too cool for school!

Consultation Consultation includes 1 email or phone call prior to our meeting to discuss your intentions and main desires. Once I have a plan of action, we will set up an appointment at your home or office. Together, we will focus on your intentions to set up your space to help you get unstuck. We will select colors, discuss auspicious furniture placement, art, lighting, accessories, scents – anything and everything to to create your new balanced space.

What can feng shui help you with?

  • Attract More Prosperity Beyond Your Necessities
  • Attract Passionate Love That You’ve Always Dreamed Of
  • Overcome Challenging Obstacles And Fears That Are Blocking You From Living Your Best Life
  • Jump-Start Your Career
  • Reconnect With Your Authentic Self To Gain Greater Peace & Harmony
  • Cleanse & Remove Stagnant Energy From The Past To Enhance Your Future
  • Repair/Boost Relationships

You will receive an email after the consultation with any additional action items, homework, or recommendations to kick start your space. Plus includes Feng Shui tool suggestions like incense, candles, sprays, chimes etc. that are hand selected by me to enhance your needs and desires. (this service is also available virtually. See below or contact us for more info) Feng Shui services start at $750.

*Feng Shui Online Consultation via phone – Consultation includes 1 email prior to our Skype call to discuss your main desires. I evaluate your space and prepare a game plan based on your goals. I will then set up your *Skype/phone call to discuss your space, needs, intentions and desires along with my assessment. We’ll discuss your space in detail and come up with a plan with action items, furniture placement, color choices, elements and enhancers to accelerate your goals. After our call you will receive 1 follow up phone call to ensure everything is on track, along with an emailed report with action items, homework and additional recommendations to kick start your space into high gear. Plus includes Feng Shui tool suggestions like incense, candles, sprays, chimes etc. that are hand selected by me to enhance your needs and desires. Online Consultations starts at $500

Feng Shui Consultant Nashville

How it works:

*Feng Shui Online Consultation via phone You create a pinterest board or collage of your space with photos and email me the link or info, along with any floor plans or sketches of your space. I send an email with questions regarding your intentions and concerns you want to work on. After assessment and evaluation of your space and concerns, your online appointment will be scheduled to discuss changes that need to be made. Each consultation is unique and proposes different challenges, but more often than not the issue will be staring us in the face and a solution occurs almost immediately.


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