Photographer and Interior Designer Linda Holt

Earlier this year I decided to go to the bloggers conference in Atlanta. For the past couple of years I haven’t gone to many seminars mainly because nothing was really piquing  my interest, and they can be expensive. However, I quickly realized after I attended how important it was to show up. They offer incredible value not only in the conference itself, but the networking with others in your industry – it’s invaluable!

Photographer and Interior Designer Linda Holt


Photographer and Interior Designer Linda Holt was one such person I got to network with. Her and I had chatted online via social media but had never met. We decided to room together at the conference and we immediately hit it off. What I loved most about the conference was many of us attended looking to expand out businesses in new ways. Linda knew that she wanted more but couldn’t put her finger on what that was. Inspired by the many iPhone photographers at the conference enabled her to rekindle her 30 year career with photography and blend the two seamlessly.

Now her instagram, filled with inspiring and breathtaking photos of nature, is quickly becoming a daily must-see. For most of us tied to an office and computer all day, we’ve lost touch with the natural world. Linda brings us front and center with mama earth herself, along with her incredible artistic eye for beauty.

Photographer and Interior Designer Linda Holt


I’m incredibly excited to share with you our interview about design, photography and blogging. Today we discuss:

  • Lindas start in becoming a photographer
  • How she got into interior design
  • Battling breast cancer
  • Perspective and what it means to her
  • The importance of finding your strengths
  • Travel and why it’s so important
  • Avoiding stress and finding joy
  • And her blogging routine


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