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This week I attended the Design Bloggers conference in Atlanta, Georgia. A conference specifically geared towards those in design, or writers and purveyors of the design industry. I typically attend these events to network and meet all the amazing designers throughout the country, but I’m happy to announce that I have been chosen for the Design Bloggers Tour for Spring 2016 Highpoint Market. I’m honored and excited to be among some of the most innovative leaders in my industry!

Ten of today’s top design bloggers, myself included, will take you on an in-depth, online tour of some of the most spectacular High Point Market showrooms. Use #designbloggerstour to follow their tweets, Instagram and Facebook postings during Market Week, April 16-20 to follow along in real-time. Watch all of our blogs for in depth information about what’s to come in the furniture and accessories market in the coming months, along with the upcoming color trends.


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These ladies are the cream of the crop, and I get to spend a week learning about them, their businesses and the top furniture and accessory showrooms in Highpoint, North Carolina. If you are unfamiliar, Highpoint, North Carolina is Mecca for Interior Designers, Architects, and furniture showrooms. This is where a good portion of the furniture is made in the United States, and this is where the top trends, industry leaders and forecasts are made. To me, Highpoint never disappoints, and this year will be no different. I will be at the forefront of it all, along as behind-the-scenes to see this season’s upcoming latest and greatest tips and ideas – and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Design Bloggers Conference 2016 and a Big Announcement!

Not only was I chosen as one of the top ten design bloggers at the Design Bloggers Conference, but I was also able to attend several industry events to get better educated on some of the most innovative home products coming out this year. Like this amazing faucet, encrusted with diamonds from Pirch in Atlanta …..


And be in the presence of beauty and grace,



All in all it was a great event. The Grand Hyatt was gracious and polite. The food was delicious and the company divine, and I’m excited to have been chosen as a top blogger to cover Highpoint. What an honor! To find out more follow along via social media and this blog!

And if there is something you are interested in knowing more about, be sure to email us!

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