Last week I attended the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I go through spells where I’ll go to several events at one time and then I’ll go months without attending any. I tell myself they aren’t worth the money – but then I go and I can’t believe I didn’t come sooner.

My goal for attending the Design Bloggers Conference was mainly to network. Many industry leaders, and colleagues went to this event, and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to hang out and talk shop about design and business. What I didn’t expect was to leave totally inspired.

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So whether you are in the business of design or not, I suggest you go to at least one conference a year to get motivated, and leave inspired. Sometimes being stuck in an office all day leaves you drained and burnt out. Going to an event will be just the persuasion you need to get your butt in gear. Here’s my top 3 take-aways from this event:

3 reasons why everyone should attend a business conference

  1. Justina Blakeney from The Jungalow. I purchased her book The New Bohemians last year and couldn’t set it down. I loved her approach to decorating. Collected, eclectic and totally wild. My biggest take-away? Be authentic, not original. Your idea has already been done, but not in your way, in your perspective.
  2. India Hicks – Another great designer whose blue blood background made her new line of goods, amazing. Not to mention a great example of what Justina said above – Dont be original, be authentic. If you haven’t read her book, India Hicks: Island Style, it’s exactly the kind of inspiration we all need to live life the way it should be. My biggest take-away? That we all have a mood board to life. A road map that makes us who we are, so embrace it, because that is your brand.
  3. Nathan Turner – Lifestyle expert extraordinaire. When I was going through my divorce a dear friend bought me his book, Nathan Turner’s American Style. At that point I wanted to quit design. I was burnt out and felt I had nothing to offer. Nathan’s approach to design was easy, simple and made me realize I did have something to offer, and it reminded me I loved design. My biggest take-away? Know that you are going to make mistakes. Know that you won’t always have all the answers, and make sure that what your doing, makes sense. And it doesn’t hurt to ask others for help, because in this business it takes a village.
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I left the conference feeling a sense of accomplishment. Not only had I met some extraordinary designers, ( you can see their takeaways below) but I was also able to visit awe-inspiring showrooms and listen to speakers that sparked change. I was also interviewed by Mr. Nick May, of the Chaise Lounge. You can hear that interview here.


All in all, this conference galvanized the excitement I needed to get this year in order. Plus it was announced here that I will be one of the top 10 designers to cover the #DesignBloggersTour at Highpoint Market. So stay tuned to find out some juicy info about the hottest trends, upcoming color forecasts and the latest the world of design has to offer.

To follow along just type in the hashtag #designbloggerstour. I can’t wait to see you there!

  1. Courtney Allison,
  2. Robin Baron,
  3. Janet Coon,
  4. Amanda Gates,
  5. Linda Holt,
  6. Tamara Matthews-Stephenson,
  7. Lisa Mende,
  8. Holly Hollingsworth Phillips,
  9. Nicole White Quinn,
  10. Rachel Shingleton,

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Take-Aways from others who attended the event:

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Mttzi beech – What I am not


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