When I went to design school I studied two years of color theory. While I love paint, choose paint every day and feel it has a profound influence on our well being, it is not something I specialized in. Similar to a med student who interns in various medical sectors but later chooses what they will “specialize” in. I have the knowledge and formal training but will often look to color professionals who eat, sleep and breathe color, for expert advice on upcoming trends and movements in color.

As we enter fall at a high rate of speed I wanted to know what the color experts (AKA Color Geeks), were seeing and specifying for this years color palettes. Here are a few of my favorites!

Barbara Jacobs Amanda, my “picks” are Ecohuesn Full Spectrum – Red Clay, Nomad, Fieldstone, Mulberry, Glow, Virbunum, Blue Grotto. All together: Warm Earthy, Vibrant…not too bright but still saturated. For a green: Ellen Kennon – Olive.

Elizabeth Brown Yesterday, I assembled items from a walk that inspired this fall palette:AF-230″ Buttered Yam”, AF-645 “Chambord”, AF-375 “Rattan”, BM 1258 “Fading Twilight”, SW6381 “Anjou Pear”. Yummy.

William Baccini Look for a subdued minimal approach to color for spring 2012 with subtle hues and interesting casted neutrals. We are finally moving away from the intense colors, cool neutrals and black constant of 80’s retro influencers of past seasons. Look now for quiet and sophisticated 90’s touches but far more complex and interesting than in the past. These colors have depth and complexity, which the 21st century educated consumer has come to expect. This is not your basic khaki or your standard boring midtones. Navy kicks in as the new deep accompanied by a saturated murky teal, a muddied brown, and a foggy claret color. For the important pales, shades of wheat and jute start to warm up the previous spring palette with cool grays evolving to shales, raphias and warm pebble tones. A palette of neutralized tinted whites appears elegant and new. Dusty blues, minted greens, and golden gingered shades hold court as the new mid ground along with bean shades, the newest direction. This important category emerges as tea-stain, henna, and patina, joining in the evolution to rusts and apricots, replacing our waning (finally!) fascination with cool pinks. It’s going to be a beautiful and elegant season, highlighting the individual – after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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