Ever had one of those days? Maybe one of those months? How about one of those years that had “murphy’s law” written all over it? Perhaps you had a month or a year that blew you away and you felt incredibly blessed? Chances are it was written in the stars. The planets are symbols that when aligned in certain ways read like an astrological weather report, and as many of you know, just because there is a hurricane outside doesn’t mean you’re bound to the indoors, however, you better be prepared to weather the storm.

Astrology, like Numerology, is not fortune-telling, but both are great indicators to your personal seasons. Astrology let’s you know when it’s summer and when it’s winter – and if you’re launching a new product, getting married, or about to travel, etc. – most of us would prefer summer over winter. In other words, it’s a heavenly farmers almanac that helps you understand the trends and patterns that have occurred before so that you know how to prepare. Certain things tend to happen during certain patterns and it’s through this knowledge an astrologer can determine what to expect.

Our ancestors used astrology for worship, ceremony, and as a way to honor their heritage. Cultures that were close to nature understood the natural rythms of nature, unlike many of todays city dwellers who’s closest contact with nature is walking to their car.

As we approach 2017, we are about to enter into yet another pivitol time – a square of planets that are about to create a great tug of war. Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron are about to hold hands in the sky. So what does all this mean? RADICAL transformation.

New Year 2015 Astrology with Tom Brady. #Astrology

New Year 2015 Astrology

Join me as I sit down with Josh to discuss:

1) The events of 2008 and how it equals transformational change in upcoming years

2) What to expect in 2015 and how to embrace evolving change that started in the sixties

3) What we have to look forward to and how this effects us personally

4) The economic climate – is it improving?

5) What to prepare for as we approach the 2017 square

6) Sustainability and how it’s now or never to get our heads out of the sand and start giving-back


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